Should feminism have ever become a ‘trend’?

With my blogging hiatus came the lose of blog post inspiration and, as much as there is nothing wrong with hauls and posts that are made up of outfit photos, I love to write and for me there’s just no substance in that. So, a few weeks of thought and a purchase of a feminism … Continue reading Should feminism have ever become a ‘trend’?

August Goals.

July and the start of August was very much a month of change for me- I went from being a student to working full time for the first time in my life, I went from commuting into the big city part time to five days a week, oh’ and I got glasses! All this change … Continue reading August Goals.

*English* Summer Days

Before I start, could we please all take a minute to look at the title and then look at the photos... If you look right into the horizon you can see a tiny little bit of blue sky right? This post was planned to be shot at Glastonbury, when the weather was ridiculous degrees for … Continue reading *English* Summer Days

The Impromptu Photoshoot with Jody Bell

When the lovely Scarlett invited me to the #bloggersball the other weekend in London, I assumed I would go along with my friend and blogger Sadie to network with other bloggers and meet brands, little did I actually know that I would spend a large amount of my time there on a photoshoot. I honestly wish I … Continue reading The Impromptu Photoshoot with Jody Bell

It’s all about the experiences, not things

Okay, I love clothes, a lot. But the thing with clothes is that they don't last forever, unlike memories. So as much as I do love them, I've always much preferred to spend my money on experiences, especially with summer around the corner it's now the perfect time to start planning experiences to share with … Continue reading It’s all about the experiences, not things

Sunny Strolls & Pudding Cafes…

Yesterday, myself and 2 two of my friends, Emi and Livvy, hopped on a train (after running down the stairs and making it on with a few second to spare) to the beautiful St. Albans. The original plan was to head to Brighton for the day, but after many of my friendship group not being … Continue reading Sunny Strolls & Pudding Cafes…

Fashion Loves & Loathes.

Hello, It's finally time for my first fashion post beside my work, on She Wears Stripes, and for my first post I have decided to pick my fashion Loves and fashion Loathes of the past few weeks in order for those reading gets a further sense of me and my opinions on fashion. If you like … Continue reading Fashion Loves & Loathes.