April Goals.

Attention all: Maisie is bringing back the 'goals' blog post! I felt it was time for another break from my overdramatic stories/ social commentary/ rants, because it's bank holiday weekend, where you all will be making the most of your time off work by watching rom-coms on ITV 2 and stuffing your face with Easter … Continue reading April Goals.

Learning to not give a sh*t about Instagram

Let me set the scene: I'd just posted a photo to my Instagram, I'd edited it on 3 different apps, came up with a pretty average caption with an emoji or two thrown in, posted and then sat watching my Instagram 'likes' appear on my notifications every 5 minutes until I went to bed. Then … Continue reading Learning to not give a sh*t about Instagram

Channeling my inner Elle Woods

When I told you I was really into frills at the moment, I wasn't lying. You may have also noticed that it's been a while since I featured the culottes in an OOTD and that's probably because it's been a good few months since I last wore them, since the weather got really cold in … Continue reading Channeling my inner Elle Woods