April Goals.

Attention all: Maisie is bringing back the 'goals' blog post! I felt it was time for another break from my overdramatic stories/ social commentary/ rants, because it's bank holiday weekend, where you all will be making the most of your time off work by watching rom-coms on ITV 2 and stuffing your face with Easter … Continue reading April Goals.

Learning to not give a sh*t about Instagram

Let me set the scene: I'd just posted a photo to my Instagram, I'd edited it on 3 different apps, came up with a pretty average caption with an emoji or two thrown in, posted and then sat watching my Instagram 'likes' appear on my notifications every 5 minutes until I went to bed. Then … Continue reading Learning to not give a sh*t about Instagram

Taking a city detox

Just before Christmas I made the decision to leave my job in the city and my daily commute in favour of a slower pace of life back in my sleepy home town in the country side. (Oh’ and to also save a LOT of money!) After a year and a half of commuting and trying … Continue reading Taking a city detox

August Goals.

July and the start of August was very much a month of change for me- I went from being a student to working full time for the first time in my life, I went from commuting into the big city part time to five days a week, oh’ and I got glasses! All this change … Continue reading August Goals.

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Student

5:15am  Yes. You are reading that time right. I wake up for college at that horrible, horrible hour. I'm much better at waking up early than staying up late. Saying that though it isn't easy to get up when the rest of your family are still asleep, therefore I like to turn on as many … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Fashion Student

*English* Summer Days

Before I start, could we please all take a minute to look at the title and then look at the photos... If you look right into the horizon you can see a tiny little bit of blue sky right? This post was planned to be shot at Glastonbury, when the weather was ridiculous degrees for … Continue reading *English* Summer Days