I left my heart in Florence

Oh' Italy... The sunshine, the food, the culture, and on a recent visit to Florence I fell more in love with Italy. And although I was only there for 4 days and I've been home for over a month, my heart is definitely still there! In the UK at the moment it's beautifully sunny and … Continue reading I left my heart in Florence

The WanderLust List

At the moment the workload at college is insane, so I'm really struggling to find the time to write and take pictures for my blog, and although that's not I ideal situation I'm sure you all understand that school has to come first. I'll also apologise in advance because I'm about to start my 3 … Continue reading The WanderLust List

Travel Archive- In Fair Verona.

Hello, Okay, so I am not the most well travelled person in the world, but I have done Europe, so I thought with the summer holidays happening right now, I will look back over the places I've been to give you a taste of what it's like, things to do and just my overall opinion. … Continue reading Travel Archive- In Fair Verona.