Feeling Ruffly (& Very Cold)

First day back at college meant it was back to business and to take the lunch time OOTD more seriously (shoutout for Eden for her amazing new camera). Although a proper camera means amazing quality photo, it also means that it picks up the dark circles under my eyes and my slightly blemished skin, which I … Continue reading Feeling Ruffly (& Very Cold)

Coffee Table Essential Reads (Even Without The Coffee Table)

For a girl with no coffee table or even a bookcase, I own quite a few coffee table books. I think there's just something about a book with beautiful images, especially in pink tones, I'm drawn to and one day I hope to have a coffee table to put these on and maybe a bookcase … Continue reading Coffee Table Essential Reads (Even Without The Coffee Table)

16 Best of 16

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wasn't sure what post I wanted to do to celebrate the end of not the best year of my life, and for the world, on that note. But not wanting to be negative or overshare online, which I don't think I am ready to do yet, I decided to find out … Continue reading 16 Best of 16

My 19th Birthday Outfit (Ft. Nellie)

I am now officially 19 years old! It seems such a insignificant age to me, becoming 18 was a huge deal, but now I'm still in my teens yet not an adult. The limbo age. I started my day in my PJs opening my presents and then we headed out for lunch with my parents, … Continue reading My 19th Birthday Outfit (Ft. Nellie)

19 Things I’ve Learnt In 19 Years…

Firstly, I hope my readers have had the best Christmas! I apologise for my absence (it's been 2 whole weeks infact) but this Christmas break I've been quite ill twice, trying to get college work done, as well as have a break and see friends and family, which has left no time to really do … Continue reading 19 Things I’ve Learnt In 19 Years…

Outfit Photos with the Queen?!

Okay, so these aren't the best outfit photos and to be honest it's not my favourite outfit in the world but after an unintentional break from blogging due to deadlines I've really got out of the habit of writing and taking photos. So instead of missing another posting day, and waste these pictures (once again taken … Continue reading Outfit Photos with the Queen?!

The Broke & Last Minute Student’s Guide to Christmas

I've watched a lot of gift guides this year from stocking fillers (that aren't actually cheap enough in my eyes to be called that) to luxury gift guides, that I don't really know why I watch in the first place! As a student working a part time job I've not really found any of these … Continue reading The Broke & Last Minute Student’s Guide to Christmas

Feeling Christmassy in Mayfair

The deadlines are handed in which means... I'M BACK!!! Hopefully I'll be back to my 2 posts a week schedule I had going on before now I'm done for Christmas. (No promises though...) If you've never worked in retail at Christmas, you may have been really in the Christmas spirit for while now, but if … Continue reading Feeling Christmassy in Mayfair

Knitwear You Need Right Now…

Okay so technically none of us 'need' an unnecessary amount of knitwear this Autumn/ Winter, but as I write this it's cold, so cosy knit is on the mind and I've decided to put together my top 5 favourite pieces of knitwear that's out there at the moment. The Frilly One Topshop £34 The other week I … Continue reading Knitwear You Need Right Now…

We Went to Missguided, IN REAL LIFE!

If you haven't been on social media in the last few days, you may not know that Missguided (the online shopping site) have just opened their first stand alone store in Westfield's Stratford. After seeing anyone who's anyone go along to the store, myself and the girls from college decided to head to Westfield's to … Continue reading We Went to Missguided, IN REAL LIFE!