Here’s to my influencers

Although I would say that 90% of people I follow are now ‘infleuncers’, in reality there are very few that really influence me. If I’m being brutally honest, my timeline for a long time was constant stream of samey-ness (I’m very much over those white house backgrounds). Recently I've really put time into appreciating the … Continue reading Here’s to my influencers

Taking a city detox

Just before Christmas I made the decision to leave my job in the city and my daily commute in favour of a slower pace of life back in my sleepy home town in the country side. (Oh’ and to also save a LOT of money!) After a year and a half of commuting and trying … Continue reading Taking a city detox

Interning: how to get more out of it than just making tea or photocopying

Whether you decided to not go to university (like me) or you have a degree, the reality in most industries, especially fashion, is that you are going to start your career as an intern. Before I became an intern, that word filled me with dread because in the last few years internships have rightly been … Continue reading Interning: how to get more out of it than just making tea or photocopying

Should feminism have ever become a ‘trend’?

With my blogging hiatus came the lose of blog post inspiration and, as much as there is nothing wrong with hauls and posts that are made up of outfit photos, I love to write and for me there’s just no substance in that. So, a few weeks of thought and a purchase of a feminism … Continue reading Should feminism have ever become a ‘trend’?

August Goals.

July and the start of August was very much a month of change for me- I went from being a student to working full time for the first time in my life, I went from commuting into the big city part time to five days a week, oh’ and I got glasses! All this change … Continue reading August Goals.