Nice to e-meet you!

I’m Maisie and this is my blog She Wears Stripes.

I love lots of colour, stripes (obvs), Harry Styles & puppies.

I don’t get to blog as much as I want because She Wears Stripes is my part time gig, the rest of the time you will find me working as an online marketing executive, browsing the ‘new in’ section on ASOS or finding new places to explore at the weekend.

This blog is a place to talk about the clothes I wear and tell overdramatic stories, alongside a typo or two!

The She Wears Stripes Story

I started this blog in the summer following my A-Levels to give me something to do due to my lack of real hobbies beside Instagram!  I am not new to blogging, in fact, I started a blog at the age of 13 which I ran until I was around 16, but 13 year old me is very different to 19 year old me, so this is my long overdue step back into the world of blogging.

The name of my blog was a little bit of a struggle. But it all came about when one day a friend was looking for a dress and I was instantly drawn to the stripe option she was showing me, followed by my other friend then saying ‘of course you’ll go for the stripe Maisie, you only wear stripes’ (or something along those lines). And she was right, I do love and wear stripes almost every day (I am currently wearing them as I write this) and with that ‘She Wears Stripes’ was born.