My 30 before 30 list

So when I turned 20 last year I decided to write my 30 before 30 list, and it’s taken almost a year to finish it. I think I’m happy with it, so decided to put it out into the universe. Some are very much doable and others are more arty and vague. I normally don’t like set in stone goals, because if I don’t achieve them then it makes me feel shit and a failure, but because I have a whole 10 years to achieve it feels much less pressure. I feel like your 20s is where life stuff really starts to happen and it’s probably the biggest transition period of your life (maybe ever), you go from being a student to a proper adult and although that’s scary, I’m excited for what is to come. The end of my teens weren’t great and I still feel like I’m figuring out who Maisie is now, so I hope that my 20s will bring me a sense of who the happier Maisie is.

Because this list took me so long to complete I have actually achieved four things! I ended my time as an intern and started a proper job with proper responsibilities, I brought my own car and also brought 3 designer handbags in the space of 6 months! (Treat yourself, right?) Earlier this year, up above the clouds in the Sky Garden, I saw the most beautiful sunset over the whole of London and I began to fall in love with the magic of the city all over again.

I wonder what the next 10 years have in store for me, but I’m excited to see.

Reminiscing over summer shoots & my tan!

Photography // Livvy Bush

Find myself a permanent career I love- No more interning!

Buy a car

Improve my writing

Find my style

Start a new hobby/ skill

Visit Australia

See the Northern Lights

Buy myself a designer handbag

Move out of my parent’s house

Explore New York

Buy my own home

Turn my interiors Pinterest board into reality

Finally have perfect eyebrows lol

Have my Pinterest wedding

Fall back in love with London

Drive on the motorway

Have a baby?!

Contribute to society

Watch Strictly Come Dancing live

Learn to appreciate the little things

Create new but long-lasting friendships

Improve my relationship with social media

Have my writing published in a magazine

Meet Harry Styles IRL & have him fall in love with me

See a panda IRL

Visit Singapore

Defeat my mental health problems, no more anxiety.

Help the environment

Be financially secure

Live fully and greatly

I may keep updating this blog post, and hopefully will be able to tick off most, if not all of this list. Here’s to the next nine years.

Maisie x

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