Throw away fashion & me: the story of an online shopping addiction

She Wears Stripes fashion

Can you have an addiction to the ASOS new in section? Because I think I have it. Seriously.

For a month straight I was asking myself, ‘I wonder if there’s anything new on ASOS?’, and ordering myself at least one new outfit a week, and now in hindsight it’s ridiculous. I had ASOS parcels coming and going daily, so much so my bedroom felt like an actual distribution centre and I was now on first name terms with the delivery man. I think I got a kick out of a new parcel arriving everyday, trying on new outfits and doing a little fashion show for my mum, it was like Christmas but I was spending money. (Although I wasn’t really thinking about that!) So after a month or so of binging on ASOS ‘new in’, it dawned on me how much I was ordering, and I realised that I had got into a see it, buy it habit and had my wondering why.

She Wears Stripes fashion

She Wears Stripes fashion

So was it an addiction? As I had a slight worry that maybe I did have a real problem with  ASOS, I decided to Google what addiction actually meant. And decided that ‘the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity’ wasn’t exactly me just yet anyway. Addiction was serious, and although I did find wondering if I needed a new outfit a few times a week, it wasn’t that extreme. Not just yet anyway. So if it wasn’t addiction, were has my relationship with online shopping come from (besides ASOS’ super convenient next day delivery and returns)?

She Wears Stripes fashion


She Wears Stripes fashion

Throw away fashion has become a huge trend, especially in the last 5 years and I think that has stemmed from social media. I go after social media for causing lots of issues for me and although an increased amount of online shopping isn’t the worst issue in the world, I would blame a lot of it on social media. Social media means that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are completely bombarded with beautiful people, in beautiful places, wearing beautiful and new clothes. From influencers, posting themselves a new outfit sometimes multiple times a day, to people I know in real life, we are always seeing new and things we must have now. More clothes, more Gucci handbags, more seemly unattainable lifestyles. And before we know it, in a matter of days, there’s something else new that we must have and what we brought only months before, is no longer relevant. So therefore we are made to feel we need to buy new or we are falling behind and missing out. There’s no break from it because our phones and scrolling through social media is just something we do for hours a day.

I feel like I turn to social media more when I’m bored or lonely, and I guess I do the same with online shopping. Turning to social media to make myself feel better is bad enough but at least it doesn’t cost me any money, whereas shopping when bored is costing me god knows how much! But I have started to ask myself; am I buying these clothes because I actually like them, or because I’ve seen it on Instagram and I have nothing better to do than shop? In recent months I’ve been trying to do regular wardrobe clear outs, partly because I’m organised and also because I have too many clothes now and nowhere to put them, and have noticed how many clothes I’ve maybe worn once or, I’m ashamed to say, never worn. More pieces than I even realised still had the label on and I think really highlighted my problem to me.

Throw away fashion & me: the story of an online shopping addiction.

Throw away fashion & me: the story of an online shopping addiction.


Dress // Zara

(Quite old so couldn’t find anything similar!)

Sandals // Next

Bag // Gucci *

Watch // Emporio Armani *


Photography // Livvy Bush

So I’m bored, sat on social media, I see a style I like, then I buy it. It’s a cycle of boredom, short attention spam and always wanting more. Then I get the thrill of new, but that wears off and I no longer like it. I sometimes wonder if I ever even really liked it in the first place, or was I just caught up in how it looked on someone else online and loved the thought out something new, so much so I’m like ‘what were you thinking?!’ Of course I never throw stuff away, and I really just can’t be bothered to sell my clothes right now, so instead I bring my clothes into work and let my work friends take what they want! Although I think it confuses them that I give away whole outfits, tags still attached, I quite like seeing my old clothes being worn and loved by other people.

Now I’ve accepted the issue I have with throw away fashion, how am I going to move forward? Well I’ve definitely cut down with the ASOS purchases, thinking more about pieces I actually need rather than want. I’ve learnt they are very different! I’m also waiting on purchases rather than seeing it one minute and then buying the next, because it gives me time to reflect on the item, question if I genuinely like it and think about the wear I will get out of it.

And so far, it’s been working out pretty well! (But now it’s got colder in the UK, I am eyeing up all the Autumn/ Winter pieces…)

Until next time,

Maisie x

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