Trying to find my place in the influencer world

A fashion & lifestyle blogger wearing casual Topshop clothing

For a while I’ve been wanting to reconnect with the blogging world and find my place again. When I started blogging, back when I was a little 13 year old, I felt like I knew where I belonged because the community was so small and I was so engaged with the wonderful world that blogs created for me. But now, all these years later the world is filled with bloggers and instagrammers, and although I love to blog, I don’t know where I stand in this overcrowded space anymore.

For a while now I’ve questioned what my thing was, what was my niche? When I thought about the influencers and bloggers I loved, there was a key thing that made them stand out from the crowd and have me always engaging with their content, from witty captions to bright travel photography, they had a real clear thing… Unlike me.

Trying to find my place in the influencer world

Who is Maisie, and who is She Wears Stripes?

I love clothing but would I go as far to call it ‘fashion’? I felt far from the big fashion bloggers, decked out in a new outfit and a designer handbag every day with a very clear sense of style. So I’m definitely clothes over fashion. I also love to write; long, overdramatised posts are very much my thing (as you can probably tell by now), but every time I go to write a post I always question if anyone actually reads blogs anymore and if it’s worth my while. (Am I currently only writing for my dad to read?!) Oh’ how torn I am.

Trying to find my place in the influencer world

Trying to find my place in the influencer world

So that brings me back to the question, what makes me different? Why bother engaging with Maisie now?

As I’ve mentioned a few times on my blog, when I wrote the Catfish Confessions I felt for the first time I’d finally achieved what I’ve always wanted to do when writing. Ever since I can remember I loved to tell stories, I think it comes from my natural curiosity to know about people and what makes them tick. I’ve always been a big reader- from investigative journalist pieces, to a cheesey novel, I like to know, feel and have opinions on topics. (Although my boyfriend doesn’t appreciate my political debates!) So I’ve always wanted be a writer that makes people feel and I think that’s what I achieved when I wrote that post. As soon as I pressed publish, everything I’d ever written about previously, from the latest piece of knitwear to a handbag I loved, felt so inadequate and now my writing had stepped up. I had pushed myself to open up and talk  honestly about what genuinely mattered to me. I was recently told that people like to see venerability, people don’t like perfection because perfection isn’t relatable, and I think that post showed that. I showed the world my flaws and my writing went down really well.

Trying to find my place in the influencer world

So maybe writing about flaws, mental health and honest thoughts were my thing. Maybe real life, and sad stories were what I was good at telling. But this theory completely contradicts Instagram. And although I can articulate my stories through writing, it’s much harder to do that on an app that campions perfect imagery.

Ever since the blogging world moved over to Instagram I began to feel my place in the industry dwindling. Photography was a secondary thought for me when it came to blogging; I’d take a selfie or a shitty flat lay and it would take 5 minutes, the writing used to be the priority. Then I blinked and all of a sudden my feed was full of polished photography, saturated turquoise skies and pre-sets, and I couldn’t find my place in that because it really wasn’t me. Blogs were now on the back burner and blogger now meant 20K followers on Instagram, and for all my might I just couldn’t get there.

Trying to find my place in the influencer world

Trying to find my place in the influencer world


Jumpsuit // Topshop*

Shacket (official term btw) // Topshop*

Bag // Gucci*

Sandals // Birkenstocks*

Sunglasses // Ray Ban*

Watch // Emporio Armani* (Similar)

Photography // Livvy Bush

*Affiliate Links

So although right now I am struggling to find my niche, I decided to try a different way to reconnect with the world I once loved. So I created The Schmoozer. The Schmoozer is a network of influencers (no minimum follower count required) and small businesses who will regularly meet in real life to discuss all things internet, social media and general life. When it comes down to it, social media isn’t really that social, and I think great things come from collaboration and supporting each other. As I write this I’ve just got back from the first Schmoozer and although not everything went to plan, I was so amazed by how everyone came out in the cold and rain to support us and meet new people. We shared tips, tricks and our experiences from the social media world, as well as chatting away about general life and before I knew it, we’d been chatting away for hours! In the space of a Sunday lunchtime I’d made new friends, who I cannot wait to see again, and found myself really inspired to get back to blogging again after a long spell of feeling disengaged with it. Taking things offline has gone exactly how I imagined it to go and I already feel reconnected.

Sometimes I worry that my writing is a pitty party, but that’s really not my aim when I write. (She says writing this post! Ha!) But like I said, maybe being honest and ‘real’ is my thing right now, although I’m not really sure where that’s going to take me ultimately. But right now anyway, I feel like I have a little bit of this world and I’m inspired to keep pushing on.

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