Hello, I’m Maisie & I think you should get to know me better

It’s occurred to me lately that the large majority of those who follow me on both my blog and on Instagram are no longer people who know me in real life. So with that in mind, I thought I’d put together a short little post to help you all get to know me better. I’ve spoken a LOT on my blog about being a catfish on social media and I’ll be the first person to tell you what I write about on here and post on Instagram shows a tiny percentage of my life. Unless you meet me in real life, it’s hard to convey ‘me’ to you all, but what I’ve tried to do is compile the most interesting facts about me in the hope that you will just know me a little bit better after reading this post.

So here goes…


I’m a vegetarian and have been since I was about 7

Are my family vegetarian? Nope. So why did you decide to become a vegetarian so young, you may be asking? Basically I loved animals and I think I just realised what meat was.

I never went to university (although if you are a regular blog reader, you would probably know that)

I have written a handful of posts about my decision to not go to university which I would love you to have a read of. Sometimes I worry that I’ve missed out but now I feel very content with it my decision. I did get into university but as I sat in the interview I knew it wasn’t for me, so officially declined my offer a year ago.

Throughout my life I’ve wanted to be so many things when I ‘grew up’

A dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, a dancer in the West End, an actress, a writer, a forensic scientist (I was really into Midsummer Murders at the time), a fashion journalist, a fashion historian/ curator, a blogger *sigh*, and then somehow I ended up doing marketing, specifically digital…

I’m an online marketing executive full time

You may have noticed if you’ve been following my blog since I was at college, but I’ve gone from posting twice a week to maybe once a month! That is because I now work full time and have been getting on with my career. Now I am no longer commuting and much happier in myself, I’ve also have quite busy weekends and have been wanting to get out, meaning my blog has been left neglected. But I’m working on getting back to posting once a week, maybe once every two weeks.

I’ve been collecting ‘coffee table’ books for years

I cannot wait until the day I can have my own place where I can display my gorgeous books on my dream coffee table (yes, I do have a dream coffee table in mind). My books are mainly about fashion history and are all pink toned.

I’m a huge fashion history nerd

I would probably say that’s one of my only real ‘passions’. I think it comes from my nosiness and love for stories. Fashion in film is also an interest of mine.

One of the only celebrities I’ve LOVED is Audrey Hepburn

I first watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s when I was about 13 and I was in complete awe of her and the obsession began from there, and a still from that film now hangs on my wall.

I’ve been blogging since I was 13 (Almost 8 years!)

I initially started my blog after reading an article in Shout magazine and I thank the stars everyday that I chose WordPress over Blogger! At 13 I was very set on becoming a fashion journalist and thought that my blog would magically make me become the best journalist and get me into London College of Fashion. I never became a journalist, nor did I even go to uni, but I do feel like I have become a much stronger writer because of blogging.

One of my aspirations is to write a book

Right now I’m definitely not at the place where I have any motivation or time to write a novel, but as writing has been such a passion of mine pretty much all my life, I would love to  write a book. I still feel like my writing has a long way to go, I still need to get better at spelling and punctuation but one day I would love to hold a book that I have written with my name on the cover.

I’ve always loved clothes but I love accessories more

Fashion has always been an interest of mine, especially from the age of 13 when I decided I was going to become a fashion journalist, but ever since that age I’ve found myself drawn to shoes and bags much more than clothing. Those ridiculously designer pieces are always my favourite, although my bank balance can’t currently support this love! I have saved up and purchased myself a few designer accessories but I don’t think I’m ever going to be into designer clothing because ASOS does me just fine!

For a while now I’ve felt like I have more to offer the world

I’m very happy with my life but for a while I’ve really felt like I have more to give to others. I’m not 100% really sure what that is but I feel like this feeling came from the reaction I received to my Catfish post and if I received the reaction I did with just my small audience, surely there was a much larger conversation to be had about the relationship between social media and mental health. I would love to share my story with more teens and young people, maybe schools and parents or somehow find a larger platform to connect with more people. I have much more to offer I think and honestly I just want to be Stacey Dooley…

I don’t really enjoy photography at all

I think my frustration with blogging post 2014 was the move from primarily written content onto Instagram and although I try with my photography, I just don’t enjoy it at all. Luckily I have very talented friends who take photos of me but flatlays I just cannot do. Instagrammable is just not me.

I have recently established a influencer and small business network

As you may have gathered, 2012 until maybe 2014 was when I was in my blogging prime and in my opinion, was the best time for blogs. So for a long time I’ve tried to think of a way to bring back the feel of the 2012 blogosphere and connect us all together IRL, as well as connect bloggers to small businesses because influencer marketing is still so important. So with the help of my friend Petra, we established The Schmoozer; a network of influencers and small business, hosting small events to help to build genuine connections. I’m going to create a Schmoozer page on my blog soon, but I’m currently busy in the process of putting together our first event and keep this blog running! But if you do want to know more about it and find out how to get involved, head over to my Instagram (@maisiee_), where I have an Instagram post and story highlight all about it.

And I think that’s all the fun facts about me! I hope this helped you understand the girl behind She Wears Stripes just a little bit better.

Until next time,

Maisie x

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