I left my heart in Florence

Oh’ Italy… The sunshine, the food, the culture, and on a recent visit to Florence I fell more in love with Italy. And although I was only there for 4 days and I’ve been home for over a month, my heart is definitely still there! In the UK at the moment it’s beautifully sunny and lovely, so my Italian woes have somewhat lessened but I thought it was about time I wrote about our trip and remised about another wonderful trip to my favourite country.

I think there was no real question of where we were going to go on holiday because myself and Ben both love Italy. (Well I’m kind of assuming Ben loves Italy or maybe he’s just going along with it!) But the question was, where in Italy were we going to go? We thought about Verona, but we went there 2 years ago, then looked at the Tuscan country side but decided to save that until we could drive round, and then came to the decision we wanted to go to Florence. If I am honest though, we are rubbish at booking holidays together because I’m pretty highly strung and Ben is slightly too chilled, so trying to work out how to get to Florence and where the best place to stay was not the most easy process but finally got there and in a month arrived in Florence!



What I’m wearing: 

Tee: Brandy Melville (No longer available)

Trousers: Topshop

Bag: Mulberry 

Sandals: Birkenstocks 


So we didn’t actually fly into Florence itself, as the only flights that seemed to be going there when we wanted to go were from London City Airport and were super expensive BA flights, so after more research we decided to fly from London Luton Airport into Pisa. We left weirdly sunny Luton into equally sunny Pisa, then decided to take the coach from Pisa to Florence. Super easy. No arguments were had. After researching online we actually thought we were going to get the train, but after asking customer services what would be easier, the coach or the train, they told us that because you have to change trains it’s probably easier to get the coach. And for not much money at all, about 40 euro for return tickets for us both, and an hour later we arrived at the train station in Florence. Our hotel was then another 10 minute walk. Very easy and there was no need to stress. (Sorry Ben.)



What I’m wearing:

Dress: ASOS 

Bag: Mulberry

Shoes: London Rebel


We stayed at the Hotel Ambasciatori which was just the most perfect location. We were right next to the train station and a five minute walk to the Duomo. The breakfast was lush, the staff were lovely and the room was equally lovely with a view across the rooftops. Would very much recommend if you are looking for a perfectly located hotel in Florence.

Apart from the ugly train station, our hotel view was pretty lovely.



So everyday we had a plan of action, what we wanted to see, where we wanted to go and what we wanted to eat to make sure our days were jammed packed. Over the 3 full days we were there, we walked about 20,000 steps everyday, so if you are going to Florence make sure you’ve packed really good and comfortable shoes! Because you are going to do some serious walking.



What I’m wearing:

Dress: ASOS 

Bag: Mulberry


First thing we did was head to the Duomo and wandered around the surrounding streets and I instantly loved Florence. But before you read any further, know that we didn’t actually get to go up the Duomo and that’s my only regret. Before we arrived in Florence, the weather forecast wasn’t looking too fab so we decided to not prebook the Duomo just incase, but the weather actually ended up being lovely but there were no spaces left to prebook. You are able to queue but we didn’t fancy queing for 4 hours in the 25 degree heat, so we decided ‘maybe next time’ then went and ate ice-cream! But despite not getting to see the rooftops of Florence and the Duomo, we did get to do everything else we wanted to do. We gazed in awe at the Renaissance artwork within the Galleria degli Uffizi, we queued for an hour and made friends outside of the Accademia Gallery before making rude jokes about Michelangelo’s David (however old you are, a huge nudey statue is always going to be funny) and strolled along the Ponte Vecchio, taking in all the glitz of the gold and diamonds displayed in the tiny jewellers windows. Oh’ and I can’t forget we did find ourselves in Gucci and I left with a handbag… But I mean, if I was going to buy a Gucci bag, it had to be in the place where Gucci was founded right?




That was a super quick round up of what we did, but if you want to find out a bit more information about what to do in Florence, I used the One Day in Florence article by Visit Tuscany to plan our time and what we wanted to do. Is definitely the best article I found when doing my research.




As well as Italy being insanely beautiful, I equally love the food & to say we ate a lot was an understatement! I ate multiple pizzas, so many different pastas and of course, we ate ice-cream at every hour of the day. But this trip is the one we discovered Aperol Spritz because everyone and their dog in Florence were drinking it so we wanted in, and although at first I wasn’t that keen, towards the end of the holiday we were both drinking them like water!




So there you go, in the short time we were in Florence we fell completely in love with it and Italy even more. We ate, we drank, explored and had the loveliest of holidays and I would very much recommend visiting Florence.


What I’m wearing: 

Skirt: Topshop


Sandals: Birkenstocks

Bag: Mulberry

I’m already planning my next visit to Italy…

Until next time,

Maisie x







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