May Goals.

In my last goals blog post I felt I had a lot to report on from the month before but this month has honestly been pretty nothing-y. I’ve not been very motivated, especially with my blog, but instead of forcing myself to write I’ve decided to only write when I want to, because although I’m not the best writer in the world, I’m even worse when it’s forced! A nothing-y month is also down to the fact that FINALLY I’m off on my holidays in May, so I have been trying my best to save, although I have made an ASOS order or two, so I can buy all the pizza and pasta when I’m in Italy. But I did finish off the month at Fashion Show MK, supporting all the amazing fashion talent Milton Keynes have to offer and I can report there is a LOT of it!


So firstly let look back on my April goals… I still cannot park my car! I’m trying, but I swear some days I am getting worse! So, so annoying! I have tried to live a little bit more like the Fab Five and have a more positive outlook but honestly I’m just longing for series 2 to come out ASAP, my TV time is incomplete without them… And finally, I feel like the time I’m spending on social media is decreasing but no where near enough, so this goal is defiantly going to be continuous.

So onto more achievable May goals…

Explore a new city

Finally a goal I can achieve because did I mention, I’m going on my holibobs to my favourite country Italy to explore Florence?! My outfits are planned (I’m a crazy planner) and I’m overthinking every part but I’m so excited to hopefully get some sun, eat ALL the pizza and pasta, and of course, just explore. Finally we are at the one week mark and I’m very ready for a break! I’m going to spend the week doing a little bit more planning and deciding on all the places I want to visit but I already know that 4 days will not be enough and I’ll want to go back! Florence recommendations are very much welcome.

Read more books

A few weeks back I did a bulk order of books but this month it’s finally time to start reading them. As part of my mission to not be so reliant on social media and do useful things with my free time (you can read more about that in the point below), I’ve decided to turn to books to help me out. Although I rarely have problems getting to sleep I have started reading before bed instead of scrolling though my phone and I think it’s a good place to start getting back into reading again. I’ve always loved reading, so I can’t wait to report back on the books I’m reading and maybe it’ll inspire my writing too!

Utilise my free time

I’m not very good at being on my own, and being alone leads to me to sitting on Instagram for hours on end and overthinking, but the reality of life is there is going to be some hours or days where I’m completely on my own, so I want to try and become more more comfortable with that and utilise my time. Although I said I don’t like to force myself to blog, I think I do need to push myself to write otherwise my blog sits a month without any posts and then I overthink that! So in alone time I’m going to try to write, even if I never publish it, read and maybe find another hobby?! Sitting on social media is not a good use for a day, nor is it good for mental health.

Have a wonderful May and once again, maybe this will be the month we ditch the knitwear?!

Until next time,

Maisie x

5 thoughts on “May Goals.

    1. Thank you! I love writing my goals out as I feel like I am more likely to do them! I’ve taken a break from blogging for a little bit, but I hope you love what’s to come from She Wears Stripes. M x


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