April Goals.

Attention all: Maisie is bringing back the ‘goals’ blog post! I felt it was time for another break from my overdramatic stories/ social commentary/ rants, because it’s bank holiday weekend, where you all will be making the most of your time off work by watching rom-coms on ITV 2 and stuffing your face with Easter eggs and hot cross buns. I hope this blog post is much more of an easy read. Skim read this if you want, I won’t mind…

March has been a crazy month; in theory Spring should be here but there’s been a LOT of snow and as I sit hear writing this, I’m wearing my blanket with arms. (You know you are getting old when a hybrid blanket is one of your favourite Christmas presents ever…) I would normally say that winter is my favourite season, I love chunky knits, buying new coats and layering, I love the magic of Christmas time and of course, my birthday is in December, but more than ever I’ve been longing for Spring. I have been ordering and ordering from the ASOS ‘new in’ section like I have unlimited money, thinking that if I order Spring/ Summer clothes the sun might finally come out and the temperature might climb above 10 degrees. *Sigh*


As well as crazy weather, it’s also been a month of a crazy schedule and living out of a suitcase! At the start of the month I headed to Paris with Dior (yep… that did actually happen and I still feel very weird saying that sentence, but there is going to be a blog post all about it coming soon), and the week after I headed to Basel to live all things watches with work. Both trips consisted of early mornings and full on days so I still feel like I am still exhausted or I’m going to get ill… I had an amazing March, I’ve eaten a LOT of stodgy food, I’ve learnt new things and explored two lovely European cities, but I’m very much ready for a much more laid back April before I’m off again on my holidays in May.

So my goals for this month are pretty simple and because I want a more relaxed month, there’s only three of them…

Learn how to park my car

I have a tiny car; it’s a little 3 door Peugeot (called Perry*) but for some reason in my brain I’m having to park a tank. My parking at the moment is just hope for the best and pray to the parking gods that I will be between the lines, but I want to be one of those people who can reverse park without having a breakdown! I love the freedom of driving but all I think about on the way to somewhere is ‘what if I can’t park?’ and when I do park averagely, I spend all my time thinking about how I’m meant to get out of the space. It’s a never ending cycle of bad parking! This month is going to be the month I confront my parking phobia and in a month I’ll be skidding into spaces like I’m in Fast and the Furious… (lol)

*Must only be pronounced in a french accent.

Live a little bit more like the Fab Five

I think I’ve asked the question, ‘have you watched Queer Eye?’ or repeated the sentence ‘you need to watch Queer Eye on Netflix’ about 1000 times at least in the past few weeks. I’ve told everyone and their nan about the brilliance of Queer Eye and how lovely it is. Not watched it? 1. What have you been watching that could possibly be better?! And 2. It’s about 5 wonderful gay guys who make over people’s lives who have kind of let themselves go and have lost all their self confidence, and honestly I wish these lovely people could come and give me a pep talk every morning. So basically this month I’m just going to try and be a nicer person and maybe channel the ‘Fab 5’?! And morn over the fact I’ve finished season 1 and I’m going to have to find something else to watch.

Try not to spend all day, everyday scrolling through social media

Last weekend me and my boyfriend decided to try a week without social media… I lasted about 4 hours and he didn’t last much longer! If you’ve grown up with social media, I learnt it’s pretty hard to go cold turkey with it, so instead of going straight in with not using it altogether I’ve decided to just not use it when I’m around others. In other words, I just want to be more present in the moment instead of feeling the need to look on my phone all the time, such as when I’m around my friends or out for dinner, there’s just really no need to be using social media (apart from maybe one Instagram story…) So although I can’t last more than a couple of hours without it right now, I hope to become more productive and present by not using it quite as much as I have been. (Maybe in the future I will be able to go a week without using it, and, of course, I’ll tell you all about it when that day comes!)

I hope you all have a wonderful April, and here’s to finally ditching the knitwear!

Until next time,

Maisie x


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