Here’s to my influencers

Although I would say that 90% of people I follow are now ‘infleuncers’, in reality there are very few that really influence me. If I’m being brutally honest, my timeline for a long time was constant stream of samey-ness (I’m very much over those white house backgrounds). Recently I’ve really put time into appreciating the style bloggers I do follow and love, as well as discovering new ones and have put together a collection of my influencers- the bloggers that content stands out to me and make me spend a little bit too much money on clothes I don’t need!

With the blogging industry forever becoming more bitchy competitive and the infamous Instagram algorithm still being a thing, it’s more important than ever to be each other’s cheerleaders, (I’m watching Bring It On as I write this), and shout about the influencers we have been loving. So here are mine…


Hannah Michalak

I discovered the Michalaks’ on YouTube after I’d stopped really watching Youtube for fashion and beauty content and completely fell in love with them! Their family and content is beautiful and thoughtful, which is refreshing with the way the platform seems to have gone in the last few years, and I feel the same about Hannah’s Instagram.

Follow Hannah if you love beautiful pictures of Bath, winter jumper inspo and baby cuteness.

Hannah Gale

Hannah Gale, for some unknown reason, was only a recent follow of mine and from the first day I followed her I was OBSESSED with her style. Every single outfit of hers I love and Hannah regularly posts her favourite high street pieces on her stories, which in a world of Gucci bags is so refreshing. I always find myself buying multiple pieces she’s recommended. See you later wages!

Follow Hannah if  you want attainable style, high street recommendations, lots of colour and, once again, baby cuteness!

Polly Bartlett

Polly is, again, one of my high street fashion inspos, and also a pretty recent follow of mine. She’s the queen of the mirror selfie, with a killer collection of coats and her Instagram stories always put a smile on my face. Her style is just lush, and have me, as per, spending a little too much money on clothes I do not need. She may be one of my smallest ‘influencers’ in terms of following, but she is worth follow.

Follow Polly for high street goodness, chunky knits, cosy coats and real insta stories.

Samantha Maria

If Sammi recommends it/ wears it, I want it! I discovered Sammi on Youtube when I was about 16 after being told by various people how much I looked like her. Discovering someone who looked like me (even in terms of height and size) was great because I knew if it looked nice on her, I knew I it would also look quite good on me too. We may look a bit like each other, but I will never dress as well as Sammi… *Sigh*

Follow Sammi for effortless chic, lots of wanderlust and hauls that your bank balance will not thank you for.

Megan Ellaby

Megan is the cool girl I wish I was. Honestly this girl could wear a bin bag and I’d still be wishing I was her… Megan just stands out from the Instagram crowd with her eclectic wardrobe, from rainbow stripes to colourful hats, this girl can do no wrong. There are no white house backgrounds and ‘basic’ outfits on this feed. OBSESSED.

Follow Megan for original style, lots of colour, dashes of leopard print and two adorable little dachshunds. 

Sophie Milner

Sophie has always been actual hair goals for me, as well as having insane style. With lots of colour and big fluffy coats, Sophie has been killing it all Autumn/ Winter. Not only is she a pretty face, but she also hosts a podcast, alongside Millie cotton, where they discuss the realities of being a woman in the world right now; from dating to social media.

Follow Sophie for sassy insta stories, a slogan jumper or two and big time handbag envy. 

This year I have vowed to make more effort to shout about the bloggers I love, to take Instagram a lot less seriously (watch this space for a blog post on this exact topic) and to discover new bloggers in such a crowded space. So I want to know, what bloggers/ Instagram accounts have you been loving recently?

Until next time,

Maisie x

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