The Clothing Transitional Lust List

transitional cover with numbers.jpg

Goodbye summer and hellooooo Autumn…

I feel like I am the only person in the world (or Instagram at least) who is not one bit sad to see the back of summer and the first signs of Autumn. Living in the UK always feels like we don’t have summer properly, we seem to go from 30 degree sweltering heat one day to freezing rain the next, leaving me confused with what to pull from my wardrobe each morning.

I spent the whole summer scrolling through ASOS, feeling uninspired and returning almost everything I brought but with Autumn stock coming out thick and fast (in the words of Sharpay Evans) I want it all! So I thought I’d share a few clothing pieces that I’ve purchased or are on my wish list, to take me from summer to Autumn. My wish list is actually much longer than the 8 items here & continues to grow each time I go onto ASOS! (Opps…)

1. High Neck Floral Midi Dress


If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen I’ve been obsessed with my Glastonbury yellow raincoat and I’ve got so much wear out of it on our slightly rainy trip to Cornwall. So, when I saw this dress, with these pops of yellow in a Autumnal floral print I added to basket. I’m not sure if it might be a little bit long on little 5″3 me, but I’m so excited for it to arrive & style this.

2. Swing Blouse


As I work in an office with a pretty casual dress code, I’m constantly looking for clothing pieces to make denim pieces a little bit smarter, so my collection of blouses is constantly growing especially in Autumn/ Winter. This colour just screams Autumn.

3. Striped Sweater (Yellow)


A stripe? Revolutionary I know, but very much expected from me. Once again I was drawn to the yellow detailing on the flared sleeves- this colour is definitely going to be a staple of my wardrobe this season.

4. Striped Sweater (Red)


I loved the stipe jumper so much, I also love it equally in navy and red. I do already own a large amount of navy & white stripe, but the band of red means it’s different and I should buy it right? Right.

5. Pile Jacket


Last winter I lived in my teddy bear coat, but I decided to not spend a large amount of money on one just incase they weren’t a trend again this year, so when I saw sheepskin jackets coming back in again I ecstatic. Now I just need it to get a little bit colder & I think  I might invest in this cosy sheepskin number.

6. Checked Jersey Coat


I’m sure your Instagram feed is as full as checked jackets and coats as much as mine is, and I think I’m going to jump on that bandwagon too!

7. Flowing Paperbag Trousers


What I love about wearing trousers instead of jeans is that they feel like you are wearing pyjama bottoms, but they’re acceptable to wear out the house! I normally go for culottes but recently I’ve been loving the more tapered leg and paper bag waistline.

8. Sisterhood Jumper

New Look

Although I love a chunky knits in Autumn/ Winter, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you are sweating your whole face of makeup off on the tube or misjudging the weather and being too hot all day, which seems to happen a lot in September! This lightweight jumper is the perfect transitional piece, and of course, in my favourite colour of the moment.

Someone please take my bank card off me before I spend all my wages on ASOS…

Until next time,

Maisie x

4 thoughts on “The Clothing Transitional Lust List

  1. I enjoyed this very nice selection of young, versatile, feminine and easy to wear things – very much your style Maisee . I agree with you – I LOVE autumn and winter clothes! I spent yesterday afternoon buried in clothes doing my wardrobe changeover, so Oxfam here I come – and I discovered some great pieces I’d forgotten I had!


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