Should feminism have ever become a ‘trend’?

With my blogging hiatus came the lose of blog post inspiration and, as much as there is nothing wrong with hauls and posts that are made up of outfit photos, I love to write and for me there’s just no substance in that. So, a few weeks of thought and a purchase of a feminism t-shirt later, I came to think, ‘should feminism have ever become a trend?’



I’m not really sure when I first came across the idea of feminism but today, writing this post, I would quite confidently say I am feminist. But when I browsed the Boohoo website for a slogan t-shirt, was I buying it based on my feminism values or even with the idea of feminism on my mind? No. I’d seen feminist t-shirt after t-shirt on my Instagram feed, leading me to buy this gingham skirt that now needed a pink top to go with it and an Instagram theme to attempt to uphold. All the conversations and ‘debates’ defending the importance and seriousness of feminism had now come down to a fashion trend, a pink t-shirt, that I had clicked ‘add to basket’, not thinking twice about what it really meant until I had it in my hand.





The feminism trend took the fashion world by storm with the launch of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first collection at Dior, a brand that throughout history has redefined the ‘woman’, with the simple slogan ‘we should all be feminists’ printed across a white t-shirt. And I was obsessed. Maria Grazia Chiuri didn’t just walk into Dior, she stormed in, creating a collection that didn’t just become one in the crowd of fashion week- she used her platform as a voice with a very simple but powerful message, fashion was more than just clothes. Alongside her first collection she introduced The Women at Dior programme (that I am very lucky to be part of) where young women across the world are mentored by women working at Dior to inspire young women in the fashion industry, inspiring them to be kick ass career women (my words, definitely not theres). Dior’s feminism t-shirt was so much more than just a t-shirt, but just like all other trends that have come and gone, the high street aren’t far behind, creating knock offs in mass. As much as I love the high street and this t-shirt, they just don’t have the meaning and passion that the trend originated with. No longer is it about feminism in fashion, it is just fashion.




The exact definition of a trend is a ‘new development’ as well as, according to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘A topic that is the subject of many posts on a social media website or application within a short period of time.’ And that’s the thing with a tend, it’s ‘a short period of time’, they come and they go, otherwise I’d still be wearing pink glittery ponchos instead of purchasing a feminism t-shirt, which like my poncho, will be worn every week for a few months, before sitting right at the bottom of my draw eventually being donated it to charity. Feminism is more than a poncho or any other horrific, short-lived trend I’ve worn, it deserves to be timeless, but instead these slogan tees with their variating words for feminism, scream trend. Like the many trends before it and those still to come we will slowly see the feminist t-shirt start to disappear from our Instagram feed and be replaced with something new.



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Femme T-Shirt- Boohoo

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Sunglasses- Ray Ban 

Despite this, trend is also described in the Oxford Dictionary as ‘a general direction in which something is developing or changing’. I hope, with the words of feminism and empowerment proudly written across our chests, trend or not, it normalises the idea and discussion of the importance of feminism, even if we weren’t realising the significance a simple t-shirt. No longer can the topic or calling yourself a feminist be so dirty, making our OOTDS mean maybe more than we ever realised.

I would love to know your opinions on the topic of feminism and the feminism trend in the comments below.

Until next time,

Maisie x



2 thoughts on “Should feminism have ever become a ‘trend’?

  1. I agree! Feminism has become a ‘fashionable’ thing to ‘do’. I’ve been a feminist for a long time and as soon as I saw the Dior T-Shirt – I wanted it! But that’s because I believe in the principles of feminism, especially within the fashion industry. Now I see people wearing it and I’m confident that a large portion of them aren’t feminists, I doubt they even know who Emmeline Pankhurst is. I’ve been interested in this topic since it became a mass fashion hype, so thanks for writing an article about it. More feminist articles would be greatly appreciated 😉 😗


    1. Although I’m a feminist, the trend and even wearing the t-shirt myself doesn’t sit completely okay with me. I would be more than happy to write more feminist posts as it is a topic I’m very interested in! Thanks for reading – Maisie x


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