August Goals.

July and the start of August was very much a month of change for me- I went from being a student to working full time for the first time in my life, I went from commuting into the big city part time to five days a week, oh’ and I got glasses!


All this change didn’t give me anytime to find any inspiration, let alone write a blog post, which I now plan on changing. First up, my August goals.

Blog (a little bit more)

When your dad brings up the fact you haven’t written a blog post in ages, you know it’s been a while! So with my weekends now free I want to get back to blogging. With my own personal photographers (college friends) not being there to shoot 2 outfit posts a week, the outfit posts are not going to feature so heavily on my blog, but I’m on the look out for new inspiration and topics to write about. This is not the first time I’ve said that I am making a comeback, but this time I plan on putting no pressure on myself, blogging started as my hobby due to my love of writing, so I’m going to blog- a little bit anyway.

Enjoy weekends

For the past 2 or so years I have been working part time on weekends, and now I work a Monday to Friday, 9 ‘till 5 job I have a full weekend to seize. As much as some weekends are made for sitting on the sofa in my pyjamas watching Netflix (just as I am right now as I am writing this), I want to make the most of my days off and the little bit of extra money I have. Going for brunch, walking my dog in the park, catching up with friends, exploring new places. I want to take full advantage of the 48 hours I’m not sat at my desk or on a train.

Find my personal style again

This summer the clothing has not inspired me at all, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not holidaying abroad and I’m always finding myself cold but I’ve found myself going into every shop on the high street and coming out empty handed. Now, with Autumn collections starting to appear in the shops, I’m finding myself falling in love with transitional colours and trends and ready to find my personal style again.

Make time to read

As well as finding style again, I’ve also started to fall in love again with writing and more specifically journalism. Now with weekends free and a daily 3 hour commute, I want to use my time to read books, magazines, blogs, and maybe the paper. As well as making my free time a little bit more interesting I hope that making time to read will also inspire and improve my writing on my blog. I’ve not read in so long now, I am desperately in need of recommendations…

I’m hoping August will bring a return of routine and normalisation, following all the life changes and milestones that have filled my summer.

Until next time,

Maisie x

3 thoughts on “August Goals.

  1. Hello Maisee ! hope you’re enjoying your new job and learning a lot. I agree – I was also a bit uninspired the shops this summer… though as I still had a recently broken foot in unglam trainers I wasn’t best placed for buying chic outfits! Having said that, I must give a shout out for AllSaints – every time I go in there I find something I love – a little t-shirt or à batwing top – despite being at least 35 years older than their average customer! I also like the lace I’ve been seeing in the shops this summer and it’s inspired me to fish out a vintage black lace cropped jacket from the back of my wardrobe to wear later this autumn over an AllSaints plum silk dress/ leggings combo for a wedding. Have to look like myself, don’t I, even if everyone around me will be poured into their Diane Von Furstenburg! Looking forward to more blogs Maisee, enjoy a relaxing weekend, and hello too to your boyfriend whom we also enjoyed meeting on the train to Paris.


    1. Hi Polly, All Saints is a favourite of mine & Ben’s too especially their leather jackets. Your wedding outfit sounds lovely & it’s always good to have it sorted out in advance instead of running around last minute trying to find something or pulling out old things from your wardrobe, that I’ve done a few times before! Thank you for reading, your comments always make me smile – Maisie x


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