A Day in the Life of a Fashion Student



Yes. You are reading that time right.

I wake up for college at that horrible, horrible hour. I’m much better at waking up early than staying up late. Saying that though it isn’t easy to get up when the rest of your family are still asleep, therefore I like to turn on as many lights and make as much noise as I can. *lol* You’ll be surprised how much you can fit in a day when you are up and ready by 7am.


Normally arrive at my platform to catch my train into London at least 10 minutes early, despite the ticket barrier never letting me through. The wait normally feels like an hour because of how cold I normally am. I’ll occasionally see people I know who also went to the FRA and make a little bit of small talk about jobs and college, it’s way too early for any proper conversation as I’m still half asleep. I can’t hack real talk until at least 8:30am.

One of my top tips for commuting and getting a seat everyday is to work out exactly where the train doors are, and be standing ready and waiting, doesn’t work on the way out of London, but a 7:30am commute is much more enjoyable with a seat.

I pop in my headphones and turn on a podcast. I became obsessed with Podcasts in the last few weeks of college, as I go through stages where I get bored of music and one podcast can last me the whole journey home. My personal favourites are, My Dad Wrote a Porno, Serial, At Home With… and occasionally Fashion No Filter. Although if you do listen to My Dad Wrote a Porno in public, be aware that you may look like a weirdo from trying to hold in laughter….


Attempt to get on the tube by fighting through even more crowds, sometimes I can be bothered to be especially pushy and get on the first tube that comes, but normally I wait until the second. Because I’ve done it so often now, I take 2 tubes in a kind of daze/ sleep walk.


Arrive at Tottenham Court Road tube station, a little bit more awake. I used to stop off at Costa for a coffee before class, but after a few weeks of that I realised how much I was spending on food so I had to stop!


First class starts and it differentiates each day, until final term at the FRA my first class was either digital or PR & Marketing, which were ones that I enjoyed most and am now working in. Towards the end of the year when I was working on my final project, I spent a lot of this time in the library, trying my best to stay motivated, finding myself online shopping and getting distracted a little too often…


Lunch. Spend too much money in Pret because I’m too lazy to make myself lunch & too fussy for a cheaper meal deals. The tomato soup is my personal favourite. Discuss work and jobs with my friends but mainly Made in Chelsea and Netflix documentaries.


2nd class of the day, either retail or business maths which hurts my brain. As much as I struggled with maths, I do enjoy learning new things, but I know for sure I will not be going into a finance role.


Final class, but first grab a Twix essential brain food from the canteen. This class changed a lot, it was either more retail based, visual merchandising or contextual studies. For both my Level 4 qualification and also studying fashion at A-Levels involved contextual studies, which I think is the case when studying arts subjects of any kind. I know most people would hate studying history when they chose fashion but I’m a huge history nerd and helps you understand pretty much everything, not just fashion.


Leave college and back to the crowds of the commute, usually involving sweaty tubes and standing on the train the whole way home. Headphones in, another podcast.


I usually get home exhausted, so I get straight into my pyjamas and catch up on TV, normally Made in Chelsea. I leave any work until the next day because I just want dinner and sleep by the time I get home. I cannot wait until the day where my commute is half an hour max and I actually have an evening, but from tomorrow I’m back at it, but I mean getting a dream graduate job does make a 5:15am alarm a little bit easier.

Right at the start of my time at the FRA I wrote a post called Why University wasn’t for Me , where I talked about my experience of university application and the start of my time at The Fashion Retail Academy. Now I’ve finished the course and graduated, I felt an update was needed and to be honest it’s pretty short. I’m not going to lie by saying it wasn’t hard, because it was, especially on my final project, but the hard work definitely paid off. My final project was my favourite piece of work on the whole course, and all the work and stress I put into it earned me a distinction and an outstanding student award. I’ve made amazing friends, networked with so many people in the industry leading me to opportunities, oh’ and I’ve got myself a graduate job in PR & Social Media. So, a year on from deciding to not go to university, I would say that I’m very happy with my decision and have declined the offer I did have, as everything I would have wanted from uni, I have got within a year from the FRA.

Until next time,

Maisie x


19 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Fashion Student

  1. I’m also up at 5, but that’s to make sure I get a run or yoga in haha. I’m so impressed that you are actually on your way so early!!

    I’m entirely fascinated by style, and while I don’t think that I have the mind for it to be my career, it is one of the most interesting fields out there!! You have to be so well versed in so many areas, its not an easy thing to tackle. What is your dream job at this point? Thank you for sharing!!


    1. I need to start doing more fitness, I’m just always so tired! At the moment I’m working in PR and Social Media which I’d like to progress in, I’m not fussed really about certain brands although there are a few I’d love to work at of course! I am sure I will update the blog about my career journey. Thank YOU for reading x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s a hard cycle- you don’t exercise because you’re tired, but exercise would give you more energy! I fall into that often, and have to work quite hard at it to stay on track… There are a few brands I would love to see more of their inner workings but then it might lose a little of the magic for me!


  2. exactly my schedule. I go to school two days a week five classes a day and so i wake up at 5:30 am and my last class ends at 5, so it takes me about two hours to get home from manhattan


      1. Yea that’s what I heard. It’s pretty cool I have to choose from a bunch of classes that are my core classes then I choose my major and minor and pick from classes that fill those requirements. So my core classes were like philosophy, East Asian studies, women gender studies, etc


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