*English* Summer Days

Before I start, could we please all take a minute to look at the title and then look at the photos… If you look right into the horizon you can see a tiny little bit of blue sky right?

This post was planned to be shot at Glastonbury, when the weather was ridiculous degrees for England but unfortunately my dress was held up at customs meaning that the new plan was to shoot when we got home and the nice weather was gone. Let’s just imagine there’s a beautiful blue sky behind me to match the equally beautiful blue dress.



As you may have seen in my previous post, I recently got to shoot with the wonderful brand Jody Bell and I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted the exact dress I wore and LOVED in that shoot to style myself. As I before mentioned the plan was to take this dress to Glastonbury, so although the field by my house is nowhere near as amazing as Glastonbury was, I styled the dress exactly how I would have done there. (Minus the glitter because I had to go out after this shoot and although I love it, it’s horrible to take off.)


We were unbelievably lucky with the weather at Glastonbury this year, and although part of me is happy that we weren’t knee deep in mud, I was slightly gutted my new wellies didn’t get much action! So instead of wellies I put on my trusty sandals, which I buy every year from New Look because they are so comfy for walking and standing for hours at festivals.

In terms of other accessories, I like to keep it simple, layering 2 simple gold necklaces and a trusty pair of gold hoop earrings. Sunglasses were very much needed this festival season, so I popped on my Ray Bans.



Dress // Jody Bell

Necklace #1 // H&M

Necklace #2 // H&M

Hoop Earrings // Topshop (Similar)

Sunglasses // Ray Ban 

Sandals // New Look (Similar)


I’m still as obsessed with this dress as I was the first time I put it on at the #bloggersball and I know I am going to get so much wear out of on holidays. What I love about all Jody Bell pieces is that they are so versatile, meaning that you get so much wear out of it, taking you from day to night with a change of shoes!

Update: As my boyfriend was deeply offended I didn’t credit him in the original upload of this post… I would like to thank Ben for taking these photos for me and once again bringing my creative vision to life.

Until next time,

Maisie x

*Although I was kindly gifted the dress featured, this post was not sponsored & all opinions are my own*

11 thoughts on “*English* Summer Days

  1. You look beautiful in this dress. As you said, it would more summer sense if the sky is blue. But off the shoulder design bring us a summer sense, the photos are still stunning.


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