The Impromptu Photoshoot with Jody Bell

When the lovely Scarlett invited me to the #bloggersball the other weekend in London, I assumed I would go along with my friend and blogger Sadie to network with other bloggers and meet brands, little did I actually know that I would spend a large amount of my time there on a photoshoot.



I honestly wish I could have written a whole post about the #bloggersball, but looking back my photos are rubbish, but both me and Sadie started off the day getting lost coming out of Bank station, arriving a little bit late, but when we got there we took full advantage of the complimentary wine which is probably why we ended up on the photoshoot in the first place!



Whilst making our way round and meeting some of the lovely brands at the event, myself and Sadie ended up at the Jody Bell stand where we met Dean, a photographer for the brand, who explained that he was looking for bloggers to photograph at the end in Jody Bell dresses to be used across their social platforms. And before we knew it, Sadie had recruited the beautiful Tori and Katie and we were stood down a side road in central London shooting and filming a Look Book!


I’m not going to lie, I was very much out of my comfort zone, although I obviously have my photo taken for this blog a lot, they’re never professional and I have control over it all, so it meant I pretty much laughed my way through it. I’m the biggest lover of Top Model, so every time Dean asked me to be serious and look in the camera, I just kept thinking of the show and Tyra Banks and I just couldn’t go more than 5 minutes without breaking down in laughter. Not being in control and shooting with 3 other girls spurring me on really helped build my confidence and in the end I actually felt pretty comfortable. I have to thank Sadie really for agreeing to do the shoot, as I know if I was on my own I would have never even considered saying yes.


EmptyName 43.jpg

Shop our looks (left to right in the photo above):

I’m wearing the Printed Cotton Dress

Tori is wearing the Printed Halter Neck Dress

Katie is Wearing the Off The Shoulder Front Scoop Dress

Sadie is wearing the Bell Sleeve Short Dress

We actually had two photographers shooting us, so as well as Dean, I’d like to thank Neil from Thetford Photography. Both took amazing photos of us and made the whole experience one to remember!

It’s pretty amazing seeing myself on the Jody Bell social accounts, alongside so many big and talented bloggers, and to work with such an incredible brand so early on in my blogging career. I’m very much looking forward to continuing to work with Jody Bell and with the girls I met through this shoot in the future.

Until next time,

Maisie x

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