Dying my Hair Pink

If you don’t follow me on Instagram (even though you really should) you would not have known that a while back now I dyed my hair pink and though I started writing a blog post at the time I did it, I never published it. As soon as I posted my selfie on Instagram in real life I got so many questions about it, ‘what did I use?’ ‘how long does it last?’… So I’ve decided to write a post about my experience of dying my hair pink and to tell you my hair was not ruined!

*Disclaimer: If you dye your hair pink after reading this and it turns your hair green or something, please don’t blame me!*


I’ve wanted to dye my hair pink as soon as I read Jacqueline Wilson’s book Candyfloss, where the main character (with curly hair like me) dyed her hair pink at the end of the book. I remember thinking how cool that was and ever since I knew I had to dye my hair pink at some point in my life.

I’m not a stranger to dying my hair, I’ve been dying it for years now but I was always so reluctant of pink hair just because I was scared I would ruin the hair I’d spent a lot of money on to become a blonde, even though every time I was in Boots I would ‘um’ and ‘ah’ about buying pink dye. That was until L’Oreal brought out their ranges of Colourista dyes, a mix of hair chalks, semi and permanent colours, which included the perfect pastel pink I’d been lusting over for years. So I bit the bullet and picked up the Colourista Washout Pink Dye , with the packet claiming that it would fade after 2 washes, I thought if I hated it, it wouldn’t be too bad.


Although it claimed to wash out, I still was very reluctant, so decided to dye one strand of hair and wash it to see if it really did wash out and to my surprise after one wash all the colour was gone. After a few more days of watching and reading reviews of the product I dyed it and as soon as it was dry, I was absolutely obsessed!

My mum helped me, although we did end up with a neon coloured dye all over the bathroom floor and door, leaving the product on for the maximum amount of time. My hair before it was pink is balayaged (essential a rooty blonde), and with the dye my hair turned into a pink toned blonde which I loved, with my roots not really taking the colour. The only downside to this dye is you have to be quite a light blonde for it to take any colour.

A further downside is that the colour for me washed out after 1 wash although the packet claims it washes out gradually over 2 washes. After one wash my hair was pretty much back to normal but with a slightly pink tint in certain lights and for all the effort of dying it, I would have liked it to last a little longer. Although it is only meant to be temporary.

If, like me, you have always wanted to try out pink hair but have always been a bit scared, I would 100% recommend trying this product out. Although I was kind of obsessed with my hair when it was pink, I don’t think I’m quite ready to commit to  pink hair permanently just yet.

Until next time,

Maisie x


6 thoughts on “Dying my Hair Pink

  1. I love pink hair. A common colour I go back to. Currently purple, pink and orange. Tutorial on my website. Pink really suits you!


  2. The color looks great but I think it would’ve been better and cheaper if you just used Directions hair dye 😉 Anyway, I will link to this article to me new post, if that’s not okay, please let me know 😉


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