1 Year of She Wears Stripes- Starting Again (Again)

Although, it’s been about a year since I first opened She Wear Stripes and published my first post, but I can’t claim that I’ve actually been blogging for a year due to my recent step away from blogging.


One reason for my disappearance from blogging was the fact that I was finishing my course and had my final business report to get done and so did all my friends that always took my outfit photos for me, so blogging really wasn’t my priority.¬†Despite that, I would occasionally check back here and see I’d still managed to still gain a few more followers, views and comments, I’ve almost got 10,000 views on my blog now which is insane.

A further reason I felt I needed a break was one of my blogging highlights also which was the catfish confessions post I wrote earlier this year. When I wrote that post, I assumed it would get some reaction if I posted it across my social media, but 2000 views in less than 24 hours I would have never assumed. I had people messaging me, some I know and others I didn’t, telling me how much they related to my story and offering me support in the following days, which is insane to me. This is my biggest achievement in my year of blogging, but on the other hand it made me reluctant to blog.

I think because it was the best thing I’d ever written and it received such a reaction, anything I wrote following it seemed insignificant and stupid, I was starting to fall into the same kind of pattern I fell into before on my old blog, because I was forcing myself to write because I thought I had to write to keep up what I had so quickly built. My writing felt forced and I was back to were I was a few years ago where I stopped blogging for good.

Applying for jobs, where I quite loudly displayed the fact I had a blog in big pink letters on my CV, also added that pressure to my blogging, making me not want to write. I don’t know what it is about people talking to me ‘in real life’ about my blog that makes me feel so weird, and knowing potential employers were now reading it made me feel very, very weird. I’m proud of the fact I blog and I have all these years of blogging behind me, but as soon as it was mentioned in my first interview I felt super self conscious. What if they hated my writing? What if I said something they didn’t like? Should I not swear?

I recently attended Scarlett London’s Bloggers Ball (post coming soon) and just a few hours surrounded by others bloggers and meeting brands really gave me a new lease blogging life and confidence in my own ability. So a year on from first opening this blog, I’m (kind of) starting again. I’ve decided to only write what I want to write about and I think I’m going to write more personally, because that’s what I did when writing the catfish post, and I think that went pretty well. Being around so many amazing bloggers made me realise not to be embarrassed, because I’ve only been successful in this year by being myself and putting myself out there which I would have never done back at the start, aged 13.

Before I go, I’d just like to thank all my followers/ readers for supporting my little blog over the last year. Your likes, comments and messages mean more to be than you’ll ever know, and I’m excited to share more posts and memories with you.

Until next time,

Maisie x

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