A Little Bit of the Seaside At Home- Lyme Bay Collection

Ever since I can remember my family have spent our holidays down in Dorset, many of them in the pretty little seaside town of Lyme Regis. The Lyme Bay Collection offers a range of scented candles and diffusers designed to capture memories of time of the Dorset/ Devon coast, inspired by memories just like my own, of childhoods spent on the beach, with scents of holiday relaxation and seaside serenity. Now I’m older, and unfortunately, not able to spend every few weeks at the beach with my family, the collection means I can now have a little bit of the seaside and memories at home. The Lyme Bay Collection is an English Family operated business, with all the products being handmade in Lyme Regis, which just adds that extra and more personal touch, which I love.


The core collection is made up of 5 candle scents: Forager’s Basket, Midnight Shore, Clifftop Sunrise, English Meadow and Sea Mint, as well as 2 diffusers currently available in Midnight Shore and Forager’s Basket. All these fragrances are mixed with essential oils with therapeutic properties. Not only do they smell amazing, but unlike any other candle I’ve ever owned, they are all 100% pure eco soy wax and the wooden wicks create a clean glow.


I am very fussy about smells, and I’ve always never been one to buy candles because of that, and also the best ones that have a long burn time and with lasting smell are £30-£40. (That’s a pair of shoes! Shoes or Yankee Candle? Shoes.) At first look at the Lyme Bay collection candle, I thought they’d be yankee candle prices, especially the candle. The candle isn’t small at all, and comes in heavy duty lidded glass, as well as a beautiful gift box and for only £19, and a burn time of 45 hours, you are getting a high quality product for not a high end price.


Although the candle aesthetic is of course very important for potential Instagram flat-lays, the real point of a candle is to burn and of course to make your home smell beautiful, which as I said, is a very touchy subject for me! And I’m pleased to report Clifftop Sunrise smelt like a spa and I do love a spa. If you are wondering what spa exactly smells like, the scent combines top notes of Lavender and Geranium with citrus mid notes and a base note of warm Patchouli. Not only do the wooden wicks mean a clean burn, but it also creates a warm glow and a little crackle noise, mimicking beach fires. Pretty cool right?


Diffusers have always been much more my thing, due to being slightly untrustworthy and with candles in my room, I may end up with the whole house on fire. (I have a habit of leaving my curlers on and leaving the house at the moment. Oops.) This diffuser gives you the beautiful Clifftop Sunrise smell 24/7, for those who are clumsy and forgetful like myself!


Much like the candle, you get a beautifully packaged and considerably large amount of product for just £15, which once again I believe is such amazing value for money considering I’ve paid double this for a reed defuser before.


The Lyme Bay Collection, despite being a lovely product, also makes a perfect gift for loved ones or to bring a little bit of the seaside into your home.

If you want to explore the rest of the scents in the Lyme Bay collection, you can visit their website here, where you can also buy directly and find Lyme Bay stockists.

Until next time,

Maisie x

*This post was not sponsored but I was kindly gifted the pieces featured in this post*

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