The Good, the Bad & really, really Ugly- My Personal Style Evolution

In almost 20 years of my life, I have worn some shocking clothes. At the time, I thought I looked brilliant, which lucky enough for me a large amount of 13 year old outfits are still on the internet on my old blog… Ha. But I mean in reality, does anyone really wear amazing outfits their whole life? I guess that’s the thing with fashion, trends come and go, and we end up looking back and cringing. Right now, I feel pretty content with my personal style, but 10 years from now, I may be cringing at the fact I wore mom jeans and frilly pink jumpers, because honestly I don’t think I feel anymore fashionable than I did then!

Recently I was transferring my photos over from my old laptop, and came across some right gems of photos of my style over the years, and although I cringe, I also think it’s quite funny to see how my style has evolved and how I’ve changed, so I’ve decided to share the good, the bad and the really, really ugly looks with you.


Sporty? Nope. That’s never been me, although that picture seems to suggest that I was! I know this outfit was picked by my parents, because around this age was when I wanted to be dressed head to toe in pink every day, despite my mum never wanting to dress me in pink just because I was a little girl. Not much has changed really.


A fleece jumper, velour jogging bottoms and stripe socks, all the different tones of blue is a look. Not much to say about this really apart from I look like a very comfy Smurf and I mean velour joggers are making a comeback now, so maybe you’ll see me channelling this look again in a future OOTD…

I’ve had to skip out a large portion of my life, due to not having any photos of me individually in some real shockers of clothes, (anyone else used to rock a poncho and non branded sloppy ‘Ugg’ boots?) By this point in my life I was around 13 years old and had just started my blog, which I kept a complete secret. I used to do my outfit photos on non-uniform days, setting up my camera on a tripod after school, posing away in the corner of my room. This outfit was my signature look, especially the arrow necklace from Topshop that I wore practically with every outfit up until about 3 years ago. This cardigan is famous and known by pretty much everyone as the ‘dog blanket’, because my parents thought it looked like just that, especially because I also wore this pretty much everyday making it extremely scruffy. It was from Republic and cost me around £30 or so, which at the time thought was expensive but I got my wear out of it! To be honest, this outfit doesn’t bother me that much, apart from those socks over leggings. I remember seeing a girl in my year wearing converse with big socks pushed down to her ankles, thinking that looked really cool, I got some knee high socks from Republic (that was the shop for 13 year olds) and copied.


For some annoying reason I used to edit words and symbols onto all my blog photos. These black circle from Topshop were worn by everyone and I wore it all the time, with t-shirts, shirts and even to school. It used to blow up all the time, and I remember it did it for the first time when I took this OOTD in the middle of a town centre on a Saturday… This ‘cool story bro’ top was literally my favourite piece of clothing ever, which I got my Dad to buy me after I saw Zoella wearing it. I remember the brand retweeted my selfie in it, and I felt like I was actually Zoella, even though the photo was taken on my Blackberry and I’d put an awful rainbow filter on it.

Remember when I said I wore the arrow necklace and dog blanket cardigan all the time?   When looking at the majority of my old outfit photos, although I wouldn’t wear it now I don’t hate myself for wearing those clothes… Until I came across this one. Why Maisie? The hair, the dress, the shoes, the bag, oh and the random reading glasses I didn’t really need! Just no. Gross. Horrible.


I’m a big time outfit repeater. But I mean I didn’t have a job and my new clothes came every half term where I’d spend my pocket money on shopping trips with my friends. This time the circle skirt has been paired with a see through ACDC band t-shirt, which I actually don’t mind. If anything the bag is grossing me out more than anything. I’m really not a brown bag/ show kind of girl.


I remember thinking I was the bomb in this outfit, and looking back now I still think it’s really cute. Those eyebrows though, not so cute.



And we come to now. I’m not going to give you a full on explanation because there are blog posts about both these outfits on my blog. I honestly couldn’t tell you what my personal style is, I don’t follow every trend but I do follow them, I love colour and frills and my culottes, and I know I’m not that casual or ‘street’. I wonder if I’ll look back in 5 years at these outfits and think, why Maisie?

Please share with me what the worst and most cringe worthy items of clothing you’ve ever worn, so I know I’m not the only one in the world that thought my outfits were so good I’d wear the same one for a year!

Until next time,

Maisie x

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