It’s all about the experiences, not things

Okay, I love clothes, a lot. But the thing with clothes is that they don’t last forever, unlike memories. So as much as I do love them, I’ve always much preferred to spend my money on experiences, especially with summer around the corner it’s now the perfect time to start planning experiences to share with your friends, family and of course, your Instagram followers!

Although, as I’m writing this, I’m sat wrapped up in a blanket, summer is on the mind and I’m planning my summer now, especially a lot of my friends coming back from uni. Eventbrite have relaunched the Going Out More Often campaign once again for 2017, encouraging people to take part in experiences, not to just buy things, I got thinking about all the experiences I want to do in the coming months and came up with my top 3.

Go to a festival 

Photo taken by my boyf, Ben.

By some miracle and with a lot of help, I managed to get a ticket to Glastonbury this summer! Everyone seems to think I’m not a camping kind of girl, which is actually wrong, I mean, I do not have a problem with not having to wash, straighten and curl my hair basically every day. Glastonbury is probably the biggest festival I’m ever going to go to, but I’m also planning to go to a smaller local festival too, and although I always end up with cider in my hair, completely exhausted, it’s a must do for myself and my friends every summer.

Explore another city


As I’m sure many of you would have seen, myself and my boyfriend Ben have just got back from our first holiday which has made me want to go on another one! I’m not one for sitting on the beach all day holidays, I’m much more of an explorer and being out and about from the morning all the way until the evening. Obviously, as we’ve just got back we don’t have the money to book another holiday just yet, but right now I think I would love to go to Barcelona this summer at some point.

Have a Beach BBQ

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.41.06.png

This summer I’m heading back down to Cornwall with my family, and although I just said I’m not one for beach holidays because they are boring, beaches in Cornwall for me are never boring. Cornwall beaches are so beautiful, especially when the suns out (fingers crossed) and we spend our days playing with my puppy Nellie, extremely competitive games of cricket, and body boarding in the freezing english sea. One thing though we’ve never done is have a BBQ actually on the beach, which I think would be the most perfect end to a full day.

What are you waiting for? If you want to plan an experience, check out the Eventbite Event Planning page, for free resources, for everything you need to make planning a little bit less stressful, perfect for a planning freak like me, and to create an amazing event for yourself, your friends or the community.

Let me know in the comments what your plans are for this summer!

Until next time,

Maisie x

*Although Eventbrite asked me to produce this post, it was not sponsored and all opinions are my own*

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