A Weekend in Paris- Pt. 1

A weekend, city break is something you would think you’d plan last minute right? Nope not Ben and I! Probably about a year ago now we decided we wanted to go to Paris, initially in the summer, then summer came and went, and finally a few months ago we actually committed to booking our weekend away. Myself and Ben have actually now been together almost 3 years, but this was our first couple holiday together and our first holiday alone without our family, even though we are 19 now and technically adults now. To be honest, I’m pretty proud of us for navigating our way round Paris, with nothing going wrong and only getting lost for like 5 minutes trying to find the hotel.

Before we get too much into this, I’m writing this the day after I got back and although France is only 1 hour ahead, I think I have jet lag. Yes, okay once again I’m being overdramatic but we had full on days, meaning we crashed about 10pm, and I (and my feet) are still recovering. Also, I was originally going to make this just one post, but then I realised how many photos and anecdotes I want to share, so I’ve decided to split it into 2. If you follow me on Instagram too, you will have already have bombarded with Paris pictures, and that’s not going to stop anytime soon. Sorry. Not Sorry. I’m obsessed.

Okay, so first obsession with Paris was our hotel. *Insert multiple heart eye emoji here* I’m a huge interior pinner on Pinterest, so when we came across the COQ Hotel, we were sold. My photos 100% do not do this gorgeous hotel justice, or how comfy the bed is, so go give them a search on Insta. (After you’ve read this post obviously.) A must at the hotel is to have an ‘Oeuf A La COQ’, (french egg and soldiers), from the hotel chickens and try not to laugh when you realise that COQ is pronounced cock. Yes, really. As well as eating COQ eggs (lol), we spend every evening having a glass of wine or 2 and devouring cheeseboards. I also ate cheese for breakfast. Did I mention I love Paris?




Honestly, the first days in Paris felt like a blur, we successfully navigated the metro, found our hotel with only a small falling out and then wow-ed and ahh-ed over our lush hotel, taking selfies in our dressing gowns. Then started off our first full day by deciding to not really have a plan, but just see where the day took us, considering we had a hop off and on tour bus booked.


We passed all the main sights from the bus, starting at Notre Dame, and decided to hop off to grab some pizza for lunch (very french) and have a look round the shops. It’s funny that when people keep asking me, what we did in Paris, it’s hard for me to say because we left the hotel at 10am, wandered and then before we knew it we were back at the hotel, stuffing our face with cheese and drinking wine.





The highlight of Paris as a whole, which you probably would have seen if you follow me on Instagram, was discovering the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette, the most amazing department store in the world. I’ve recently completed a contextual studies assignment on Galeries Lafayette at college, so I knew I wanted to go and take a look, as well as bombard Ben with random facts about it, which he later told me that he actually zoned out! We had actually left the shop, after going in initially for a coffee break and to take in the insane stain glass ceiling, then we noticed people were on the roof, so we turned back and took the 7 or so floors up. Although by this point we had blisters on our feet and were tired, walking to the top was 100% worth it, it was cold and windy but the sun was just about to set, all I can say was that it was perfect. I mean, just look at it?





Oh’ I forget to say, that of course I did have to pick up some of Blair Waldorf’s favourite macaroons from Laduree.


Until next time,

Maisie x

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