Starry Shirts & Gold Details

Although I’m very much a ‘try every trend’ girl, the pyjama trend has not been one I’ve really seemed to get on board with, until now that is. The reason I’ve never seemed to be interested in wearing this look is not because it’s pyjamas, which I’m sure look nothing like 80% of our real life pyjamas (I wear Primark Disney ones), is because the patterns have always been very loud and the price tag has always been pretty expensive. When I stumbled across this shirt in a sale for around £10, in a more subtle pattern, I decided to give it a go.







Teddy Bear Coat: Boohoo

Pyjama Shirt: Nobody’s Child

Mom Jeans: Topshop

Gold Circle Necklace: H&M

Gold Half Moon Necklace: H&M

Gold Hoop Earrings: Topshop (Similar)

Adidas Stan Smith Trainers

Although recently I posted my 1 shirt, 3 ways styling guide to mastering the white shirt look, I feel that this pyjama shirt in the cropped length has answered all my shirt styling woes. No longer do I have to worry about looking like a waitress or boring when I really do want a quickly throw together an outfit. As much as I admire people who wear the matching pyjama sets with heels and look insanely and ironically dressed up in that complete look, being only 5″3 and not a heel wearing girl, it will never be a look for me. But you can do a nod to the trend by taking just the top, like myself and pairing it with jeans and trainers for an everyday, laid back look.

Although I did try out wearing chokers, I actually found them actually really irritating to wear and never really felt like me, so instead I’ve really been into the more simplistic layering of delicate necklaces. These 2 were individual from H&M, where they currently have loads of this style in their stores, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve ditched the choker and have been wearing these almost everyday.

I felt that it was time to give my trusty Converse trainers a bit of a break, and buy a new pair of trainers, commuting to London has really meant that trainers have become my essential and everyday shoes. I’ve been eyeing up Stan Smiths for a while now, but saving for Paris and Glastonbury this summer has meant the £70 price tag has always made me reluctant to get them, but when I discovered that my tiny feet could fit into their Stan Smith children’s range for £45, I went for them. So much comfier than Converse and I know these are going to be essential for exploring Paris next week.

Until next time,

Maisie x

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