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She’s back!!!

You probably haven’t noticed, but I have been MIA for 3 weeks or so now across She Wears Stripes and social media because I’ve been interning (thinking about writing a blog post about this), but I’ve taken some time off now to catch up on college work, which also means I’ve had a bit of time to take some blog pictures and write a post. As much as I enjoy talking about other things, my heart was never as much in it as OOTDs and fashion posts, so although I’ve written other posts, I decided not to post if I wasn’t enjoying writing them.

A little while back I felt so meh about fashion, there wasn’t really anything I wanted, I was scrolling through ASOS and nothing would jump out at me. It was just meh. Then I stumbled across this Boohoo teddy bear coat on their Instagram and I was back being inspired by clothes again. So, recently I’ve shopped a lot (be prepared for OOTDs with all of this soon) so I’ve decided to run though all my new ins.

Camel coat new new new.jpg

Boohoo Teddy Bear Coat

Goodbye duster coat, I’ve found another brown coat to obsess over. I’ve been um-ing and ah-ing over getting a teddy bear coat since they started to become big over Autumn/ Winter, but when I started to become bored with my other coat I decided to grab one now. It’s weird that as soon as Christmas is over shops suddenly go into Spring/ Summer mode even though it’s still freezing in the UK, but when I saw a similar coat to this on Boohoo’s instagram I was straight on the website and £40 later, this beauty was mine. I normally go for more expensive coats, hoping they will last me years, but as this is a trend piece I didn’t mind getting a lower quality one. Saying that though, everyone is always shocked I tell them that this coat was from Boohoo and I’ve received so many compliments when I wear it. I think you’ll all be pleased to know that there will be no more duster coat OOTDs.


Serge Denimes No Noise Black Fleece Hoodie

My internship was actually at the brand Serge Denimes and at the end of my 3 weeks there they very kindly let me pick out some pieces, my favourite one being this black fleece hoodie. When I first put the sample of this on in the office because I was cold I was obsessed, and although Serge clothes are primarily designed for men and I’m pretty small, this fits me perfectly at the arms. This is will be perfect for layering now and for wearing when it starts to get slightly warmer but I still want to be cosy.


Pull & Bear Gingham Dress

Call me Dorothy, I’ve gone gingham crazy! I brought this dress because I felt that for my internship I needed at least one new item of clothing for some reason. I’ve always loved this shape dress, back when I was 16 I had a striped one that I literally wore everyday in the summer and winter. It isn’t petite so is a little bit long on me, so I wear it with my heeled boots to make my legs not look like the short stumps that they are.


Nobody’s Child Star Print Pyjama Shirt

This is not a new trend by any means but I’ve never really been into getting one, just because PJ shirts that aren’t for sleeping in and are nice patterns seem to be super expensive, but when I found this shirt in the Nobody’s Child sale I decided to jump on the trend. Nobody’s Child is a new brand discovery for me, and although I’m obsessed with pretty much everything on that site I’m not going to pretend the quality is there at all. I’ve had some issues with the 3 pieces I did get, as you may notice that there are only 2 pieces in this post because one has gone back for exchange. The pieces are nice enough for trends, but I am slightly reluctant to order from them again, because the quality was crap. Sorry Nobody’s Child.


H&M Wrapover Skirt

OBSESSED !!!! (again lol)

If some of you have not noticed by now in order for me to buy anything I have to 1) be obsessed and 2) know how I’m going to style it. If you are not 5″4 or under this skirt may not be for you, because it is the perfect length for me, any taller, this will be a belt. I either plan to wear this with an oversized sweat or a graphic t-shirt with boots and my teddy bear coat.


Primark Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Studying right next to the best Primark in the country means that you get tempted by the bargains and great store layout. (I’m a saddo who appreciates well done VM.) This was another pre-workplacment purchase, which is just easy to throw on, with a small trend element, with Converse. I plan on wearing this on the Eurostar to Paris because stripes just have those Parisian vibes right?


Nobody’s Child Culotte Jumpsuit

In She Wear Stripes short history, my most popular item of clothing are my culottes, and as much as I love my trusty Zara ones I felt that I needed more culottes in my life. This culotte jumpsuit does need taking up to the length of my other ones, but I’m planning on styling this with a T-shirt underneath and Converse, or with heels for a more dressed up look. (The latter will probably never happen though!)


H&M Gold Stacking Necklaces

Although I have worn chokers, I do have to admit I’m over that trend and not really wanting to wear them anymore, so instead of wearing chokers I’ve really been enjoying stacking necklaces. These necklaces I brought individually for £3/ £4 each and H&M had loads of these dainty necklaces in at the moment, in gold, silver and rose gold, so if you are into this much more paired down trend I would go take a look there.


Serge Denimes Black Beanie

Generally I would say my style is quite feminine, but being at Serge has kind of inspired my to mix my style up a bit and maybe try wearing a beanie, trying the sports luxe vibe a little bit more. I went for black just to be safe and so it would go with my outfits, but I know if it’s due to be cold in Paris this will be going in my bag.

Do let me know where you guys have been shopping recently and what you have been loving, because I still have the shopping bug in me and always looking out for new bits to style on my blog.

Until next time,

(Which you hopefully won’t have to wait long for!)

Maisie x

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