1 Shirt. 3 Ways.

In the fashion world the white shirt is somehow seen as something easy to chuck on and a way to look effortlessly chic or something, but if I’m honest I’ve found it not the easiest to style and have never found my self reaching for it, let alone ‘chucking it on’. I’m not sure if it is just me but when I first started to wear a white shirt, I felt more waitress than cool Parisian. But over the past 2 years my own personal style has changed quite a lot that I now feel I can start pulling this white shirt from my wardrobe again and style it, and no I’m not claiming it’s a chuck on and look instantly cool piece of my wardrobe, but I am going to show you how I would wear it for 3 different occasions. So if you’re feeling lost with the whole white shirt cool, I hope this gives you some inspiration.

Before I begin, the shirt is from H&M (Similar).

The Smart Casual


Mom Jeans: Topshop

Chocker: Miss Selfridge

Earrings: Topshop

Bag: Kate Spade


This look is the most me, and I’m going to get most wear out of going into the Spring. Smart casual is the most confusing of dress codes, but this is what I’d class as maybe the more casual side of smart casual, and maybe I’d change up the Converse for Boots if this was too casual. I’ve found the key to making the white shirt less waiter and more chic is the accessories, especially with necklaces, bandanas or bows as well as adding some hoop earrings. I love mom jeans, which also help you look like you know you are doing, as well as just adding casual and laid back cool. This is an outfit I would wear to work so I decided to put this with my large Kate Spade bag for storing extra crap I don’t need.

The Interview


Skirt: Topshop

Coat: French Connection

Boots: ASOS

I’ve not had many interviews in my life but this exact outfit is what I wore to my only uni interview and to my current job interview. If you are curious about my uni experience, then I wrote a post about it here. I got the uni place and my job, so this outfit is a proven success. I love this Topshop skirt but it’s not comfy and you have to be aware you aren’t showing everything to a potential future employer! The skirt is the main focal point of this and quite out there, so I’ve kept quite minimal with accessories and teamed it with my ‘I mean business’ duster coat.

The Sunday


Jeans: Topshop

Bag: Forever 21

Bralet: Primark

Shoes: Sophia Webster

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Can’t really say that I’ve worn this on a Sunday, because I work in retail on a Sunday and have done for almost a year now, but in my head this would be perfect for brisk Sunday walks around town followed by a pub lunch. Sundays mean comfy and easy, so I’ve paired the white shirt with my comfiest Joni Jeans from Topshop (as you can see these are very washed out, they were originally black) and a bralet because who needs padding and wiring on a chill day? Not that I can say I’ve ever done the black bralet under the white shirt thing because I’m a little bit scared, but I always think it looks lush on Instagram. Finally, because I’m imagining it being sunny, I’ve added some flat Sophia Webster’s,  sunnies (can you spot me taking the photo in the lenses?!) and a small cross body bag for essentials.

You may have noticed I’ve gone MIA recently, that’s because I’m currently doing an internship for 3 weeks with Serge Denimes, which I love, but because I’m commuting to London everyday means I don’t have much time to blog, let alone do all of my college work! I’m aiming to do 1 post a week, which won’t be outfit ones on me, but similar to this one.

Until next time,

Maisie x

4 thoughts on “1 Shirt. 3 Ways.

  1. I love the way you styled it. The topshop skirt and the camel coat combo is beautiful. I get what you mean with white shirts, I bought myself one last year thinking I’d look just as cool as bloggers I’ve seen, but have barely reached for it since. Love these ideas though!!And with that bralet!! So pretty and would look lush for a photo but I don’t know if I’d be brace enough haha!


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