The WanderLust List

At the moment the workload at college is insane, so I’m really struggling to find the time to write and take pictures for my blog, and although that’s not I ideal situation I’m sure you all understand that school has to come first. I’ll also apologise in advance because I’m about to start my 3 week work placement in industry, which although really exciting and I’d also maybe share with you, it also means I’ll be working 6 days a week as well as tackling all these deadlines, meaning I think I’m going to go M.I.A for a bit. (Unless my boss offers to take outfit photos for me on my lunch break like my friends do!)

Okay, so enough with the excuses and apologies! Instead of leaving my blog empty of posts I’ve decided to do some non-outfit posts! (These may prove not very popular but I mean, I never know.) First up, my wanderlust list…

I’ve always been a person who wants to see the world, saying that I’m not the back packer and rough it kind of girl, I want to see the world comfortably, eating at restaurants, exploring shops, staying in pretty hotels. I’m also not a go to Ibiza to go partying either, unlike most people my age, if I’m honest I can’t think of anything worse! I’ve always felt that I’d much rather save and spend my money on holidays than clothes and see the world and the cultures. Although I want to see and go to way more places than what’s on this list, I’ve narrowed it down to places which I would love to go to in maybe the next 10 or so years.

*Photos are sourced from Pinterest*



Paris is soon to be ticked off my list as last month myself and Ben booked a little weekend away in March. The hotel we’ve found is Pinterest interior goals, and I cannot wait to explore Paris and share it with you all on here (and of course Instagram)! It’s funny that we’ve been together 2 and a half years and we’ve not been grown up enough to book a holiday on our own until now, so I’m not hoping this will be the first of many together if this ones proves successful.


wanderlust 1.jpg

Myself and Ben considered going to Edinburgh some point around Christmas, but in the end we couldn’t find the time we were both able to go. Edinburgh looks beautiful, but to be honest my main reason to go was to see the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo. There’s just something about those big, clumsy cuties I can’t get enough of… I was even planning to wear my panda beanie hat much to Ben’s embarrassment.


wanderlust 4.jpg

If you know me, you’ll probably know how absolutely obsessed I am with Italy and everything about it, I love the accent, the food, the architecture, the lifestyle, so much so I plan to get married there! (I have a Pinterest board and everything.) I especially love Verona and although I’d love to go back there, I feel like I need to explore more of Italy, so top of that list is Florence. My parents have been there and hearing all about it has always made me want to go, especially to see the art. I doubt I’ll love it as much as Verona though!

New York 

wanderlust new york.jpg

I am a huge Gossip Girl fan, so when I go to New York I will 100% be going on the Gossip Girl tour of the city! New York is a must I think on anyone’s travel list.


wanderlust 2.jpg

Another place I’d love to visit in America is Seattle, I’m not really sure why because the weather is meant to be windy and rainy, it’s always just been somewhere that’s appealed o me.



The cold is not my favourite weather at all, skiing holidays have never appealed to me, but seeing the Northern lights will 100% be worth being bundled up so much I can barely move! The hot springs also look an incredible experience.


wanderlust 6.jpg

Out of everywhere in the world I want to go, if I was asked to just pick one place it would be Australia. For years now myself and mum have watched Home and Away (the Australian soap) and I think maybe that made me fall in love with the idea of it, I even went through a stage where I wanted to live there! I will be there within 3 years… That’s my plan.

Where countries are you lot Wanderlusting over? Also if you’ve visited Paris recently, I would love your recommendations of things me and Ben must do while we are there.

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “The WanderLust List

  1. I only have Australia missing on your list, been to all the other ones.
    Regarding Paris, I just wrote about Paris and I got good feedback for it. Might be helpful for you.

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