Dreams & Ambitions for 2017

Like everyone else, my initial thoughts on 2016 were that it was shit for the world and also personally too. But I mean, behind all that shit, amazing things have happened to me. Although we are now very much into 2017, I still wanted to put this post up to look back on in the future and also share a bit of positivity, if I’m honest I wanted posts I preferred to go first!

I spent another year with my insane boyfriend, friends and family. I’ve sewn and drawn garments, and grown my love for fashion. I passed my driving test. I finished school forever by surviving my A-Levels (even though at times it felt it would never end) and ended up doing not too bad! I went against what everyone else was doing, and got accepted onto the perfect course for me at an amazing school, which I started in September and met my best friend. I’ve grown in confidence by going to London and exploring it on my own. I’ve also started this blog and rediscovered my love for writing and all things blogging. To name but a few.

But on new years eve this year, for the first time in my life, I felt like 2017 is going to be THE year. I’m not really sure why, I just had a positive feeling and decided that I was going to do everything I can possibly do to make things go in my favour. So, on that note, these are some of my dreams and ambitions for 2017- not resolutions because, let’s be honest, I would have broken them by now.

1. Travel, travel, travel

I’m yet to go on my own holiday, probably because I don’t really want to do what most people my age want to do by going on clubbing holiday. I love culture, food, museums, views and taking photos. I want at least one holiday this year to explore one tiny part of the world.

2. Explore my own style 

As well as starting to explore the world, I really want to explore by style, 9be more confident with my clothing and not limit what I think is ‘me’, I’ve already started to do this by using Pinterest to find what I love, which so far is shirts, colour and pattern. (Ironically not stripes.) Speaking of Pinterest, for a while now I’ve been looking at tattoos, I’m not sure if this will be the year I actually do it, but I love really delicate floral ones. I’ve liked them for about a year, but because they are for life, I feel I need to like it for a little bit longer.

3. Grow She Wears Stripes

I am so so close to 100 followers on here now, which gave me the confidence to buy my blog! Although it’s not a huge number, it has grown so much quicker than my past blog and unlike before, I’m enjoying what I write so much more. Although I’m not expecting to be the next Zoella or anything, this year I really want to work at this as my hobby and grow at something I love.

4. Find myself again

Okay, so this sounds very hippy and vague, and to right now I’m not very personally open on my blog but this is probably what is most important to me this year. I want to be generally happy and confident with myself again.

5. Get my first fashion job

This is the year my education will be over for good and enter the big (and slightly petrifying) adult world and I am very much determined to get my first real fashion marketing job! I cannot wait to start doing what I love and am passionate about and get paid to do so and it doesn’t even feel that long ago I was sat in high school really.

Until next time,

Maisie x

*Header Images: Pinterest*

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