16 Best of 16


I wasn’t sure what post I wanted to do to celebrate the end of not the best year of my life, and for the world, on that note. But not wanting to be negative or overshare online, which I don’t think I am ready to do yet, I decided to find out what were my most popular 16 pictures of 2016 on Instagram, and to share with you all the memories that go alongside them.

I’ve seen a lot of people sharing their top 6/8 photos on Instagram and Facebook, so I decided to do the same and came across the website 16 Best of 16, which as the name suggests, generates your top 16 photos of 2016 on Instagram, as well as providing you some stats.

This year I have posted:

72 photos

Got 6,452 likes

& received 224 comments

(If you fancy a further stalk you can follow me @maisiee_ or click on the feed down the side of my blog.)

Disclaimer: Didn’t realise how many of these would be selfies/ of my new hair. Cutting my hair into a lob and dying it blonde was 100% the right decision, confirmed.


1. The Engagement Party

This year Ben’s sister Liv got engaged to her lovely fiancé Matt (hi Matt, my no.1 fan, I know you are probably reading this…) at Disney Land!!! I was actually meant to be on the holiday too, but had to go to my college induction instead. I loved my outfit from Missguided even though it was a pain in the bum, as the sleeves were about a metre too long and the fabric was not the best, it couldn’t have been too bad because it made it into my top 16.

2. Sixth Form Prom

On both my year 11 and sixth form prom it rained, so this photo was taken in my friend’s garden when the rain stopped for 5 minutes. I spend ages trying to find a dress that I liked and wasn’t ridiculously expensive as I know that I never wore my last prom dress again, so I picked this one up for £30 from TK Maxx. I don’t love it, so god knows how I’ll ever commit to a wedding dress in my life!

3. Next Day Hair

This photo was taken with 2nd day hair, but I think still looks nice. It’s never done this since though unfortunately.

4. Prom Hair (& maybe my favourite selfie?) 

Looking back I don’t like my hair long now, but this is probably one of my favourite photos of myself, taken after my prom hair trial. I’ve tried to reenact the pose and everything since, still not achieved the same success.

5. I got all my hair cut off 

I’m kind of bored about writing about my hair now, but you may notice I tried to reenact the previous photo again! This was the first one I took after having my hair cut short and dyed blonde. At first I didn’t like it and regretted it, but I’m so glad I did it.

6. Date night in Birmingham 

A standard part of going out with Ben is taking ‘arty’ photos for Instagram/ Instagram stories/ Snapchat.

7. Rush hour on Oxford Street OOTD 

Although it is just an outfit post, I was so proud of myself for being brave enough to stand on the busiest street in London during rush hour to get this photo for a blog post. My college friends knew how much I wanted to put into this blog, so wouldn’t let me leave until they’d taken the photos for me!

8. My first London Fashion Week

This was a super huge moment for me, it was only a few months into starting studying at fashion college in London when I got 2 invites to fashion week in my inbox I knew I had to seize the opportunity and go along. (There’s 2 posts on my blog about it if you fancy more of a read.) I hope it’s the first of many I get to go along to, as I really enjoyed planning an outfit and for the first time getting a real insider perspective of fashion week.

9. Cute but Psycho 

This was significant because this was the first ever post I put up on my own personal Instagram promoting my new blog and blog post. I guess it was such a big deal because when I wrote my old blog it was pretty much a secret and although I loved it I was embarrassed that people would be mean about it. But with leaving school and starting at a fashion college where people don’t really care about me having a blog, so much so they want to take photos for me, I decided to promote it because I wasn’t in high school anymore and I shouldn’t be embarrassed of myself. It turns out that I ended up getting an insane amount of blog traffic from doing it and really positive feedback.

10. Birthday drinks with my bestie 

This is my most recent photo on Instagram of my 19th birthday drinks with my best friend, Grace. She hates this photo, but I think it’s cute.

11. New hair photoshoot 

I was really proud of this post and photos because instead of my i-Phone, Ben took them on his snazzy camera. They turned out exactly how I wanted them and even had my hairdressers even give me a discount code to run alongside it, I doubt anyone took it up but it felt like a really large step forward for my blog. (Even though it is another photo of my hair!)

12. Pizza on Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street is one of my favourite places to go in London, especially for getting food in Kingly Court. Myself and my friend Ellie went to go and get Pizza which ended up taking over an hour because they forgot our order, but then again that did mean that it only ended up costing us £5 each.

13. Outfit shopping for uni interviews

So much has changed since I took this mirror selfie in H&M, I brought this outfit for an upcoming uni interview, which I did go to and actually made me not want to go to university even though I did get the place. On the plus side I did meet my friend Eden there, and she ended deciding not to got to uni like me and go to the same college too!

14. Sunny days out in St Albans

I believe this is one of the first outfit posts I ever uploaded to She Wears Stripes. This was a great way to end the summer with 2 of my best friends in one of my favourite cities. It ended up being ridiculously hot, and after getting onto the train with a minute to spare we had a great day exploring, having a picnic outside the cathedral and discovering a pudding cafe.

15. Happy birthday to my boyf

I put this up to wish my boyfriend Ben a happy 19th birthday, this is the 3rd birthday we’ve been together now, and I feel my Instagram posts are always the cutest. 😉

16. Exploring London 

When I go to London for college we generally spend our free time on Oxford Street shopping, or eating at Nando’s, so I’ve not recently done any of the touristy stuff until I went into the city the other week with Ben. We had lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe before walking to see Buckingham Palace which had some pretty snazzy gates for outfit photos.

It’s funny looking back how much She Wears Stripes has become such a large part of my life (and some of my most popular posts on social media) considering I only started it in the summer to give me something to do, and only really been putting effort in since September. Oh’ and my hair has seemed to be very popular this year too!

I hope everyone has had the best year, and if not, let’s make 2017 better because that’s my plan anyway. I don’t want to go to much into my plans for 2017 because I’m thinking of writing some posts about what I want to achieve in 2017, as well as the places I want to travel.

Until next time,

Maisie x

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