My 19th Birthday Outfit (Ft. Nellie)

I am now officially 19 years old! It seems such a insignificant age to me, becoming 18 was a huge deal, but now I’m still in my teens yet not an adult. The limbo age.

I started my day in my PJs opening my presents and then we headed out for lunch with my parents, my brother and my boyfriend and popped on this outfit. As much as I love and appreciate all of my presents, by far my favourite are MYΒ SOPHIA WEBSTER SHOES!!! A year of hints and taking Ben to the Sophia Webster shop in Mayfair and now my dream shoes from my favourite brand are finally mine. (First of many I hope!) Best. Boyfriend. Ever.







Coat: French Connection

Polo Neck Top: Zara (No longer available)

Mom Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Sophia Webster

Hooped Earrings: TopshopΒ Β (Similar)

Dog: Mine

I wanted my outfit to be quite simple because I wanted it to be all about my new shoes, even though I couldn’t feel my feet because they were so cold when Ben was taking these photos for me. When choosing my Bibi Butterfly flats, I actually ended up sizing down by half and going for the classic colouring as I wanted to wear them all seasons and for a long time. (Got to get that cost per wear down!)

These are my second per of mom jeans from Topshop, after my first pair ripped right down the bum when bending down to get my dog Nellie! (I thank the jean Gods for making my jeans rip at home and not in the middle of London or anywhere in public!) This time I went for a slightly darker colour due to it being winter right now and to be honest, they were the only ones that weren’t super distressed.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you are probably very familiar with this duster coat, one of my winter essentials, as well as this black roll neck top. A must if you find yourself getting too hot and sweaty in polo neck jumpers and making you look like you know what you are doing.

I’m off to go and stretch out my gorgeous new shoes, (as much as I love them, that pointy toe is a little bit of a squeeze on my chunky feet.) I’m sure you will be seeing them on the blog many more times in the future, maybe with a few more designer shoes along the way… Sorry Ben.

Until next time,

Maisie x





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