Outfit Photos with the Queen?!

Okay, so these aren’t the best outfit photos and to be honest it’s not my favourite outfit in the world but after an unintentional break from blogging due to deadlines I’ve really got out of the habit of writing and taking photos. So instead of missing another posting day, and waste these pictures (once again taken by my boyf), I decided to just get on with it until I get back into the swing of it.

2 weeks ago now, myself and my boyfriend headed into London for a touristy day out in the city, we literally went everywhere and felt like we walked for miles, and although these boots are normally very comfy, maybe slightly heavy, my feet by the end were hurting and I was so tired I was ready for bed by 8pm. Anyway, whilst we were there we headed to Buckingham Palace, realising it was right near The Hard Rock Cafe where we went to lunch and also that I’d never actually seen Buckingham Palace from outside of a car. Being a Monday it was really quiet, and we both noticed this gate just before you got to the Palace in Green Park with no one around so of course, thats where I decided where I wanted my outfit pictures…




Blogger in central London probs


Coat: French Connection

Scarf: Matalan 

Dress: Missguided 

Boots: ASOS 

Bag: Kate Spade

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

This is my go to chuck on outfit for London for winter because it looks like a jumper but isn’t, so you don’t end up sweating (too much) on the tube, as well as being really easy to just throw on with trainers and a leather jacket or to make it a bit more of a dressed up with boots and a duster coat.

Saying that though, after 2 wears the dress has stretched out and looks too big for me in all the wrong places yet still being tight in others. So although I liked it for a while, it’s just kind of unflattering looking, especially when not wearing a coat to covering up. Which is kind of annoying after barely wearing it, not happy Missguided. But I guess on the bright side, when I wore this, we spend most of the day outside, so I don’t think it looks too bad- so not a complete outfit post fail!

Until next time,

Maisie x

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