The Broke & Last Minute Student’s Guide to Christmas

I’ve watched a lot of gift guides this year from stocking fillers (that aren’t actually cheap enough in my eyes to be called that) to luxury gift guides, that I don’t really know why I watch in the first place! As a student working a part time job I’ve not really found any of these gift ideas worth my money and the ‘cheapest’ things these guides just seem a bit meh. So with that in mind I had a think of what I think was within budget but kind of felt worth the money and personal at the same, some of these bits I’ve actually done in the past while I was earning less than I was now and have proved pretty successful. If you’re not a student, then maybe you can use some of these ideas for some last minute present ideas if you’ve left it until December to start shopping, like me!

An Experience


Do you know why this is the BEST present? You are essentially buying yourself a present but looking thoughtful and kind all at the same time. Selfish or savvy? It’s up to you. Last year I brought my boyfriend tickets to see Les Mis for his birthday, where the tickets cost me £25ish each, but obviously I had to go with him and was a great end to the time off at Christmas as we also went out for food and an explore of London. You can generally get theatre tickets for around this much on the West End and I know you can get some money off them if you have a young persons railcard.

Buying beauty gift sets & splitting it up

I first saw this idea when the Youtuber Tati mentioned that she does this. Instead of just buying the pre made sets from Boots and Superdrug that leave you with mainly products you don’t use. So if you have a few friends you need to buy presents for then you can buy a few of these kits, split them up and make little goody bags that have products that they will actually use.

A meal out 

If both you and the person you need to both buy a present for are on a low budget and lost for ideas then maybe just accept your lack of creativity and go out for a meal. You pay for their part, they pay for yours but obviously agree on a budget first so one of you spends loads and the other doesn’t. There’s also a few deals on Uni Days at the moment to make it even better value for money such as 20% off Bills (personal favourite), 25% off La Tasca, 20% off Handmade Burger Co. and 25% off Chiquito.


As a student an especially nice notebook or pen is very much appreciated because you will never spend £10+ on a diary for yourself right?

Essential ‘non trend’ pieces

If you’re on a budget, don’t waste risk buying stuff they might not like and go for non-trend things that they may not think to buy themselves, such as a chunky wool scarf or knickers. Uni Days currently have 20% off Boux Avenue and Victoria’s secret always have multi buy deals on their knickers.

As I write this, I have only just finished my Christmas shopping at last and with only one more day left at college, it’s time to start enjoying Christmas at last!

Until next time,

Maisie x

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