Feeling Christmassy in Mayfair

The deadlines are handed in which means… I’M BACK!!! Hopefully I’ll be back to my 2 posts a week schedule I had going on before now I’m done for Christmas. (No promises though…)

If you’ve never worked in retail at Christmas, you may have been really in the Christmas spirit for while now, but if you do, you’re over it by November. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas because it’s lovely and it’s also my birthday but I never thought I’d be sick of Christmas songs until I had to listen to the same 4 over and over at work, it ruins all the magic!

So to get into the spirit again and eliminate my inner grinch, myself and Sadie, headed into Mayfair for their light switch on event and of course a hot chocolate.




The BEST BEST BEST place in London got hot chocolates is not actually in Mayfair, it’s on Carnaby Street, and with the main events in Mayfair not starting until about 6ish we decided to walk there and stop off here to try out these famous hot chocolates at Choccywoccydoodah. *Update I’ve now been again!* I’ve been into their other store in Brighton a few years ago now, but never to their cafe before, and it didn’t disappoint. For £4 I got a HUGE mug of salted hot chocolate with cream, caramel buttons and a chocolate swirl. The rest of their menu looked insane too, especially the cake but I had no room left after the monster hot chocolate.


We then headed off to Mount Street, Mayfair (after consulting Google Maps), out of all the shops there we really went to go to the Sophia Webster shop after seeing on Instagram they were holding an event with music to celebrate the launch. For a few years now I’ve been obsessed with the S.W brand and shoes, I would have every pair if I could… and maybe one day I will.*

*Correction: I AM NOW THE OWNER OF SOME BEAUT SOPHIA WEBSTER SHOES THANKS TO MY BOYFRIEND!!! But as they are a Christmas/ birthday present so I’m trying to keep them perfect and resist wearing them until after then, so you won’t be seeing them in their full glory until then. Sorry 😉 )



As much as we tried to ‘fake it until we made it’ in Mayfair, browsing the windows of the most expensive shops in London, we did feel slightly out of place, not wanting to approach the stalls that were around as we weren’t sure if they were free or too expensive for us! Although we didn’t actually see the lights switch on, it was an amazing atmosphere and eliminated a bit of the grinch inside of me!


Before we headed home we got handed this random stick of sweets and it was in fact FREE!  Then had a wander round the most Christmassy shop on Oxford Street, which is by far my favourite Christmas decorations in the whole of London, if you’ve not seen them, I would recommend pushing through the crowds to see them.


You can follow my lovely friend Sadie’s blog here (and give her a stalk on insta Insta  )

Until next time,

Maisie x

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