Knitwear You Need Right Now…

Okay so technically none of us ‘need’ an unnecessary amount of knitwear this Autumn/ Winter, but as I write this it’s cold, so cosy knit is on the mind and I’ve decided to put together my top 5 favourite pieces of knitwear that’s out there at the moment.

The Frilly One

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 15.37.11.png

Topshop £34

The other week I had a customer come into work wearing this, at first I was too scared to ask her where it was from, but luckily she came in again and I managed to ask her where it was from.There’s something at frills on items that really seem to dress up and make you look like you really know what your doing. The grey colouring also makes this jumper really versatile, from casual days with jeans, to dressing this up with a patterned, metallic skirt for an evening out.

The Funnel Neck One

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 15.42.25.png

Mango £19.99

Last year I brought a jumper very similar and I can honestly say this is the thickest jumper you will ever get for such a low price, I have pieces double the price for half the quality. I would recommend sizing up for an oversized, boxy fit that’s perfect for layering.

The Splurge One

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 15.45.22.png

All Saints £118

All Saints is everything I would want to wear and look like if I had the money for it. The frill on this makes it very dressy and put together, and due to the cashmere wool I bet it’s super soft. As this piece is the best quality, it’s definently an investment piece, but due to it not being too think probably get the wear from it over a few years, lowering the cost per wear. I love the colouring, but knowing me I would probably foundation down it on it’s first wear- I’m a dark colour wearer.

The Cool One

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 15.53.17.png

ASOS £32

I love the appliqué trend at the moment and this is one of my favourite jumpers I’ve seen so far as it’s not too ‘street wear’. The choice of appliqué isn’t too crazy and bright, but really make a simple black knit so much more fun, bringing together a simple jean and jumper look.

The Cosy ‘Will Probably Get Stained’ One

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 16.00.27.png

Misguided £18

If you’re probably going to tea down you, why not buy a camel coloured jumper for your lazy days? I feel it’s very essential that we should all have that throw on jumper for cosy days when you should actually get ready and take off the PJs. Saying that, this is a really lovely bargain jumper for actually wearing out too.

I hope you enjoyed having a look at the jumpers I’d be purchasing if I didn’t have Christmas presents to buy and I didn’t just rip my favourite jeans right down the bum so need to go buy some more…

Until next time,

Maisie x


3 thoughts on “Knitwear You Need Right Now…

  1. I protest. I definitely do need a NECESSARY amount of knitwear. It’s all of a sudden fucking freezing and my fingers and toes may drop off if I don’t wrap myself up in about 5 layers of wool. That Mango one looks so warm and I love the look of the texture. I always look to H&M for knitwear, especially this year, but I need to broaden my shopping habits so imam go browse Mango now haha xx


  2. I love ASOS but it overwhelms me sometimes. I always feel like they’re hiding the good deals from me and I don’t have enough time or patience to have a good search through everything 😩


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