We Went to Missguided, IN REAL LIFE!

If you haven’t been on social media in the last few days, you may not know that Missguided (the online shopping site) have just opened their first stand alone store in Westfield’s Stratford. After seeing anyone who’s anyone go along to the store, myself and the girls from college decided to head to Westfield’s to check it out for ourself and to get a Nandos to celebrate the end of our industry project!


To be honest I’ve only really been shopping from Missguided this year for going out clothes and I’ve recently purchased some more day time pieces from their concession in Selfridges, Birmingham. So I guess maybe I’m coming from a different place than everyone that seems to be raving and obsessed with the store because I’m not that obsessed with the brand. Although I always get things really cheap with student discount, usually with additional offers, the stuff I’ve got online is not the best in terms of quality with threads hanging off and it being obviously cheap! But the things I’ve brought ‘in real life’ have been so much better quality, and I felt that with everything within the store too.



The store is amazing and so relatable for young women at the moment and I guess that’s why there was such a huge buzz about it. It’s designed amazingly, sectioned off into different ranges so it’s really easy to shop from such as their more premium collection, which is gorgeous but very pricey for Missguided, and petite. Although the petite range is very small compared to everything else which is slightly a negative for me because I find the sleeves on Missguided clothing is way too long for me!

As you walk in there’s a HUGE pink monster truck with very realistic mannequins all over it, taking selfies, giving each other a piggy back. It’s even so big that I was able to fit in one of the tyres, which I did after my friend Ellie said ‘Maisie you’re small I bet you could fit in the tyres.’ And yes I could but I also hit my head at the same time… Just so you know you aren’t actually allowed to do this, but if you’re nice security will let you take a cheeky quick pic. (You can see the evidence of this at the bottom of this post!)


Overall, the store of very pink, which I love but it was so pink that it even got my questioning if it was possible to have too much pink? There were mannequins riding flamingos, mirror, marble and holographic elements like on the Missguided labels. Everything ‘current’ and of our generation seemed to be in this shop.



My favourite part of the shop fit was the controversial little elements that really made it feel like it was for young women- it was clear who this shop was designed for and I loved that because it felt like it was made for us unlike any shop I’ve ever been in. You found yourself discovering little bits and pieces and laughing- with mannequins taking selfies and giving the finger and having fun. Which is weird to say because mannequins can’t have fun because they aren’t real… But they really looked like they were! The cheeky signage was such a lovely touch relating to each area, but I could see my grandma being shocked that things like this were actually on display in a shop.



This sign goes against everything we are taught in those slightly awkward assemblies in high school, but I kind of love it?! The Lingerie section was probably my favourite in fact. But remember, don’t take any pictures you wouldn’t show your grandma…



A lot of you may have probably seen the unicorn dreams vending machine they have (it’s on the second floor) but if you don’t want me to kill the magic of that you are paying £1 for, scroll down…

So it turns out the unicorn dreams taste very much like still water… So is it worth it? Maybe for the novelty.

I think the only main negative overall to buying Misguided IRL is that you don’t get the deals that you can get online. For example, the day I went I could get 35% off online with student discount but instore I could only get 10%, and when we asked the sales assistant if they were doing anything for black Friday in store she said no but online it was 50% off. But I think in the shop you are getting the Misguided experience, getting to see the pieces in real life and try them on before you buy.

Until next time,

Maisie x

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