Has Blogging Changed?

Trying to blog now college work has intensified, as well as having an actual and trying to build up stuff for my CV, is proving very difficult. As much as I would like to put all my effort into writing and photography and providing 2 posts a week, it has to come last to my college work, which is slowly starting to hit me how much I actually have to do. Which means the blogging has had to take a back seat and my photos are being taken quickly and edited on my i-phone instead of a camera, and I’m finishing posts now and then. It’s shitty, but I’m sure all of you reading understand that for now 2 posts a week will rarely be a thing. Anyway…

I’d planned to do this post for a little while now but when it came up on my notifications that it’s been 5 years since I opened my WordPress account it seemed even more appropriate. The other day I was thinking- has blogging changed since when I first started? And I think the answer is yes and this post is about everything that I think has changed in the blogging world, good and bad.

Everyone’s blogs look amazing!

I’m not saying 5 years ago our blogs looked crap, but they were not at the standard blogs are today. 5 years ago blogs looked like blogs (if that makes sense) but now they look like actual websites, actually coded and designed, instead of just a pre designed style on blogging websites and a quick header made on Pic Monkey or if you were feeling fancy, Photoshop. When I restarted blogging a few months ago, I felt like I needed to become a graphic designer or pay for someone to create this amazing branding for me, but although blogging has become a lot more sleek, it’s really all about the content you do. (If you want evidence of how a blog 5 years ago looked go ahead and have a search for my old blog, it’s up to you though because I’m too embarrassed to link it…)

It feels slightly less friendly and more competitive

I’m not sure if it is just me but blogging seems a lot less friendly and a lot more ‘everyone for themselves’. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made some really lovely blogging friends already (shoutout to you Ruth), who are never miss one of my posts and I never miss one of there’s because I’m genuinely interested in reading their blog, not just for their follow. I just felt like 5 years ago bloggers were really cheering each other on to do well, and it was much more of a genuine community where you supported each others blogs for no hidden agenda. I think when blogging started to become a real job and some bloggers actually gained fame from this was when it becomes slightly more competitive and people began super involved in just growing their own blog. I have 2 real blogging dislikes, when people comment a really short comment on my blog but then say check out my blog and link it. If I notice the same people liking my blog or leaving a nice comment, I will 100% read their blog and more than likely if I like it and really intend to read it, I will follow. I just hate feeling that people just comment on my blog to promote themselves instead of actually being really interested in my posts, it just feels fake. I also hate how much bickering I see on Twitter of bloggers arguing.

The use of social media to promote ourselves

When I first started blogging I would never promote anything on my social media because I was embarrassed and back 5 years ago, we didn’t know how to properly take advantage of social media. Sharing blog posts on my social platforms has grown my readers so much quicker than my last blog, which leads me on nicely to my next point-

It’s way more socially acceptable to have a blog

Although I still hate people bringing up my blog to my face, I have no fear in saying now that I have a blog and will promote it (although my followers may be sick of it) across all social media. I used to write my old blog while I was still at high school, so the fear of not fitting in and being laughed at was there, but at my new fashion college my friends are always up for taking outfit photos for me, and I’m not embarrassed of what I love to do or my achievements. I think with huge growth and success of Youtubers and bloggers in the last few years, these platforms have become a lot more socially acceptable than they were when I first started 5 years ago. I think people get it now, which is amazing.

Maybe there’s too many of us now?

I sometimes think that there are too many bloggers. Why would anyone read my outfit post when there are 1000+ more out there? Trying to be original and write new and interesting things are pretty difficult now with so many of us, it’s so easy to get sucked into writing and doing things how everyone else does it now.

I don’t really feel like I need to explain this but just incase anyone takes offence to this because of course I love blogging, I’ve been doing to for 5 years now and actually love it more than ever. But obviously this is all my opinion but I would love to hear your thoughts on the changing world of blogging in the comments.

Until next time,

Maisie x

10 thoughts on “Has Blogging Changed?

  1. It has definitely changed! I remember just a few years ago at uni we had to create a blog for one of our modules. Just like you, I logged back into it the other day after so long and it was so strange comparing how many likes and comments my crappy posts received back then to recent posts that I’ve actually taken time over! But I think that there are definitely genuine bloggers out there who like to read what others write – we just have to sift through a little more, like the rails in H&M or TKMaxx haha. Which fashion college do you go to? ☺️ It must be so nice being surrounded by people with similar interests! xx


      1. I guess it just makes it all the more special ☺️ Ahh that’s cool! London is the best, especially this time of year. I went to LCF a while ago and wondered if that’s maybe where you go! Xx


      2. That’s fair enough! I don’t think degrees are as worth doing these days as they were before 😞 I did fashion marketing and promotion but only stayed for a year and switched to English language elsewhere – I wasn’t ready for London back then! What kind of course are you doing? Blogging takes up so much time I don’t blame you! Esp if you’re studying as well! Xx


  2. I just accidentally unfollowed then refollowed you when I clicked on your blog so sorry about that if you got that notification loool! Ahh, died a little when I saw my name. 💕💕💕 I SERIOUSLY need to be sensible and start putting uni work first. I’ll be sat writing a blog post and just be like “what the fuck am I doing I’m a 3rd year I should be doing my dissertation not editing photos of my outfits” but it’s so hard to walk away from! I completely agree with everything you’ve said. I’m new to the blogging game but you can tell the difference between someone whose legitimately interested in your content and someone who wants their name there for others to click on. And there are soooooo many people blogging nowadays, but as long as someone’s got the right intentions and they enjoy doing it, then there’s no harm in adding an extra blogger to the internet! I really want to write posts like this but find it hard to piece together my random thoughts into something understandable! Well said Maisie xxx


    1. Thank you! I did see and I was like hmmmm…. hahahah I really like writing posts about my thoughts but no one seems to really like them so I tend to save them for when I have no outfits to post!! Before I had loads of work to do I had 2 posts a week planned, currently I have 0 and it makes me sad 😦 xxx


  3. If it makes you feel any better I never have any posts planned! I literally take photos on a whim or due to boredom (procrastination) and edit and post them on the same night! I’m ridiculously unorganised xx


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