It Was Time For A Change…

I actually started to write this post a few months back, when I first decided to take the plunge and have my hair cut off and dyed blonde. But last week, I went to have another inch cut off and it reminded me that I had this post saved in my drafts, and although I wouldn’t class myself as a beauty blogger at all, I thought I’d share my hair journey with you because I’m so happy for the first time in almost 19 years, I’m so so happy with my hair.



Let’s start with my old and unpredictable hair. I naturally have very curly brown hair, with my hair care routine consisting of mainly water swapping in various apparently ‘frizz’ control products, which in all honestly, didn’t seem to do a lot. The thing is with natural hair it is so unpredictable, curly hair is me and makes me feel like me, but some days it would look so good but the next it would be a frizzy gross mess that I’d attempt to tame with water. It was also long, and although I didn’t like my hair very much at all, curly long hair was like my safety blanket, I felt like I needed it down because my face and makeup was never that good. The sections were always uncontrollable meaning at around 15 years old the half up, half down was adopted, and stuck around for a long while. I then decided at age 16 my mousy brown was boring and I HAD to dye my hair because everyone had started doing it, so one packet dye later, I had dark red/ brown hair that I know was not good as soon as it dried.

In my second year of sixth form, when everyone started to turn 18, I decided I was fed up of looking young and blamed my hair so decided that the solution to making me look older was getting highlights. Big mistake. My mum, a hairdresser, had always cut my hair, so this was my first proper trip to the hairdressers.  It was streaky and gross, with parts of my hair even white against my natural medium brown hair. To top it all off I was still doing the half up half down, 12 year old look at the time, the hairdresser had given me 2 large white strips when right at the front. I went back and they kind of corrected it, but after many tears and a lot of money later, I gave up.




Before I decided to get the chop, I did have a stint of trying to tackle frizz with a curly wand but there was still too much hair, with a few people telling me by this point that my hair made me look 15 instead of 18!

I, of course, made a Pinterest board of hair inspo, and decided I wanted a lob with balayage pretty quickly with my main hair inspiration being Sarah Hyland who had quite a young face like me. So, I booked myself an appointment at KG Styling, a local salon to me, as my lovey stylist Stacey had done my prom hair for me which actually made me love my long hair as well as the colour. To be honest, I don’t think I can praise Stacey enough, 4 hours later my hair was exactly how I wanted and restored my faith in hairdressers and it was everything I had imagined.


I’m thinking I may even go slightly shorter? But for now I’m in love with my bobbed hair, which I never thought I’d be saying again above 12 years old!

KG Styling have kindly offered my readers 15% off their services alongside this post – just quote ‘She Wears Stripes’ when booking.

You can find out more/ prices/ services etc. on their website here and for more real client images, have a search of them on Instagram.

Until next time,

Maisie x

P.S Thank you to my boyf for taking amazing photos for me.

P.P.S There will be a full outfit post of the look I’m wearing coming very soon, so keep your eyes out for that…


11 thoughts on “It Was Time For A Change…

  1. these photos are gorgeous!! also i love that you’ve made a new blog again puts a smile on my face when i see a new post in my inbox 🙂


  2. ok so my first comment definitely didn’t go, it said something like i love that you’ve started blogging again it puts a smile on my face when there’s new post in my inbox and you look amazing in these photos


  3. Ahhh, it looks so nice! I love the colour, the cut, everything. I actually lopped a good few inches off my hair today because my ends were getting so dry! Yours looks so pretty and natural and I’m jealous of those natural curls – #hairgoals x


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