How to Plan Like a Pro…

One very large part of my personality is that I am a bit of an obsessive planner. To be honest, I didn’t really realise how much of a crazy planner I was until I started at college this year when all my friends began to comment on organised I was. I know when everything is due, mostly everything that has to be done, and tend to get stuff done extremely early and actually enjoy making plans. I am 100% not a spontaneous person, I need to have plans in place to weirdly extreme detail such as the underwear I need for everyday of the week, or it stresses me out. I really wish I was more spontaneous but to be honest I feel much more comfortable having plans and I guess that will never be my personality, and there’s nothing wrong with that right?

Anyway, I got the idea for this post when my friends mentioned that they needed to get more organised, so I’ve put together my ways I use to plan and organise my college work and also for my blog. I also wanted to share with you some of my favourite stationery bits so you can plan ‘pretty’ like me! I know… I live a wild life.



List Book: Paperchase

Academic Diary: Paperchase  (Similar)

Pen: Paperchase (No longer available, boo)

Heart Post-It Notes: Post-It (Similar)

I would say the most important part of getting my shit together is having pretty stationery to encourage you to use it. I buy the majority of my stationery from Paperchase, just because they always have new beautiful ranges in and although some people think it’s a little bit pricey, I think it’s quite a reasonable price for nice stationery when I’ve seen really nice notebooks elsewhere for £30+.

Lists, Lists, Lists

My best planning purchase by far is this list book I got last year when struggling with multiple fashion & clothing deadlines. Before I’d write in my diary or in my notebook, but that meant I either didn’t have enough space in my diary to write everything or would lose my list in my other notes. This book meant that I could keep my lists separate on either the large pages or the smaller ones, and they also work as sticky notes which means I can take the list and put it into my notes or take it out for extra reminders. Paperchase do loads of these list books, so if you want to take your first step into the obsessive planning life, I would get yourself one.

I also use coloured pens to try and differentiate work and break it up a bit, and I picked up mine from Tesco.


Ooooh’ a bit of a blog post sneak peak for you there!

Write out blog post titles on drafts to save for later.

If I get an idea for a blog post, I will do 2 things. 1. I will first write it quickly down in my list book if I’m not on my laptop. 2. Write down the titles on a new post and save them into my drafts, sometimes with the pictures I want to use. This means that when I go to write a blog post, it reminds me because it’s along the side of the other post.

To be honest I generally have always had my blog post written and scheduled a week in advance but I sometimes have posts that need more work on them and posts that I’m not completely sure when to post, which I store up. Having posts planned and having a regular schedule I’ve found has really helped grow my audience so much quicker than on my last blog.



To be honest I only really use my diary in college just to make a quick note of any work I have and the due dates. It’s also really good for working out dates because to be honest most of the time I don’t even know what day of the week it is. Obviously, I know a lot of people would use their phone for this, but for some reason, making a note of stuff by hand sticks in my brain much more than typing it. This one is an academic one which runs from the start of the school year and even if I don’t use it that much, it looks really nice with my much more used, list book.


Plan out outfit combinations

I think this part shows how much of a planner I am because I make lists of outfit combinations when I got away, right down to my underwear and socks! It means that I don’t overpack and know that  everything is washed and ready to go in advance. The list in the photo above is actually all my key outfit combos for AW, which may be obsessive but it helped me know what I needed to buy this year and rediscover clothes that I haven’t worn properly since last winter.

This is my most extreme and not that essential planning, but if you are finding yourself overpacking, stressing before you go away or buying too many clothes without a real outfit in mind, this might be the extreme for you. Plus I actually really enjoy planning outfits now I have this blog.



Because a designated list book isn’t enough for me, I have a white board too for my lists. This one I actually brought for my GCSE exams to kind of do a revision schedule on it. I like having a write board because when my notebooks are out of sight, this prompts me.


Pinterest is a planners dream and by far my favourite app. Apart from planning a pretend wedding, it’s actually really useful in planning college projects. If you are doing a creative course at any level, Pinterest will be your best friend and if you don’t already have it, go and download it now, you  will be so inspired and planned to perfection.

You’d think that with all these lists and plans I’d be the most stress free person in the world… I’m not. They just help tame the obsessive planner and stresser I am, just a little bit!

Until next time,

Maisie x

7 thoughts on “How to Plan Like a Pro…

  1. I have a planner for work, a planner for life, a planner for one of my volunteering groups, in addition to a bullet journal for every day stuff. The only area that I don’t write down is my clothing choices, but I hang those for the week on Sunday in order to visualise if I’m repeating/duplicating looks! It makes me happy to know that there are other people who love to plan as much as I do. Cheers 🙂


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