My Current Fashion Wishlist…

Studying fashion just off one of most famous high streets in the world, means I spend a lot of time looking and thinking about clothes, and then doing my favourite pass time, outfit planning.

My favourite Zara is right round the corner from college, which means we end up spending a lot of time in there and I’m pretty much loving a lot of what they have in, and it changes so much in there basically every single week. I’ve only featured 2 Zara items on my wish list this time, but to be honest, I could do a complete Zara wish list. Although I do not really need any of this stuff, almost all of these items I’m wanting for Autumn to give something new to last year’s clothes or to transition my summer clothes, as well a few different occasions coming up.

Zara Printed Bodysuit £25.99

I saw this in the Zara Oxford Street store and have had it on the mind ever since, it’s only £25 but looks so luxurious and more high end. I’m also a huge fan of florals and this is slightly more subtle and different print, very unlike anything I already have. I have a wedding coming up, so I might wear this with my culottes and black heels, for more of an autumn propriate wedding goest look over a dress.

Next Ankle Wrap Shoes  £35.00

I’m really into laced up heels sleek heels, even though they are the most painful to wear for more than an hour! I’ve been trying to find some red ones to go with the blue dress below and the only place I’ve been able to find them are Next.

Oasis Ruffle Neck Top  £20.00

I’ve been passing this top in the Oasis window on my walk to college for over a month now, and I’ve finally decided next time that I am in London, I’m picking it up at last! I’m really into ruffles on jumpers, but I always worry I’ll get to hot on the tube so will end up not getting the wear out of it. I want to style this with a leopard print skirt I got last year that I’m so excited to wear because it’s one of my favourite pieces.

ASOS Ramero Ankle Boots £38.00

I’ve recently just brought some boots like this in patent from New Look, but after 1 wear, I unfortunately had to take them back because they had scuffed bad on the inside which was really odd and ugly. 😦 Although I love the patent look, I don’t think I’ll be going for that look again and will also be spending a little more for a higher quality shoe.

Motel Leopard Print Shirt Dress £40.00

I found myself browsing the halloween section on ASOS, even though I’m not the biggest fan of halloween at all because I’m not into being scared or into makeup. (What’s with this clown thing going round, like seriously, what’s the deal with that?) But then I came across this dress and I loveeee it for just a normal dress. I’m really into leopard print, probably more so than stripes recently but ‘she wears leopard print’ doesn’t sound as good to me…

Miss Guided Silky Wrap Dress  £30.00

As you are reading this I’ve already purchased this dress for a party coming up. With student discount I got this for about £21, and although it is cheap I feel it doesn’t look it to me. I don’t have very big boobs so I think this is going to be a tape this very securely so I don’t have any accidents at a family event! I’m really into low cut dresses and not wearing bras at the moment, which a year ago I would have never done, but now I’m starting to realise so uncomfortable and annoying bras really are. #freethenip

Zara Ruffle Sleeve Top £7.99

With the lack of stripe wearing after the summer, I feel it’s time to start bringing stripes back to She Wears Stripes. I had a look at this the other day in store and will 100% be going back to pick this up next time I’m at college to just wear with ripped jeans and converse for casual days.

Until next time,

Maisie x

13 thoughts on “My Current Fashion Wishlist…

  1. I was umming and ahhing over that Zara bodysuit in store a couple months ago and didn’t end up getting it. I don’t think I could pull it off but I imagine you deffo can! And loving ruffles too at the moment x

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  2. omg I want the blue dress from misguided as well now that I have read your post! I also love a low cut dress but I don’t have much boobs too…. haha never had the courage to go sans bra yet. Have you got the dress already? How is it in terms of cut and material in real life?


    1. Once you go bra less you never look back! I have got it! I’m about to alter the sleeves because they are soooo long! I’m 5″3 ish and the length is perf but the sleeves are so longggg! The material is cheap but not see through I think for an evening do it’s perfect. I think to make stuff not look cheap it needs to fit perfectly so the sleeves need to finish on the wrist, and I’ve brought some slightly more pricey in red. My main issue is that the low front is too loose so I’m having to tape it the whole way up!!


      1. Do you know the eyelash brand Eyelure? They do body tape and nipple covers that I use! It’s effectively double sided tape for your body that is cut into small straight and curved strips, and I’ll just tape it down my front to make sure the dress doesn’t fall forward! Nope! I’m wearing it Saturday night so watch this space for an outfit post x

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      2. I know eyelure! gosh I tried their semi permanent eyelashes and it stung my eye like crazy when I use their remover! horrible! but I guess tape cannot go wrong! thanks for the advice!! : )


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