Cute but Psycho…

Once again we headed back to the famous ‘grey wall’ in Soho to photograph one of my favourite outfits, especially because we are currently in such a transitional time where I’m either too hot or really really cold (I’m currently sat wrapped up in a dressing gown as I write this.) It also features my favourite t-shirt I’ve ever brought, and although I’ve featured it on my Instagram, when I wore it to college for the first time this year, I knew I wanted to get photos to feature on She Wears Stripes.






T-Shirt: Brandy Melville 

Culottes: Zara 

Leather Jacker: Pull & Bear (Similar)


I’m aware I’ve now posted 2 looks with these culottes and 3 with my leather jacket, but they are 100% my transitional wardrobe favourites, and so versatile and work as casual and smart pieces, so you will probably see me in them much more.

I’m really into simplistic styling, very much inspired over the past year or so by blogger/ Vlogger Samantha Maria, who is able to just pull of monochrome simplistic pieces. For a while now I’ve also been into embroidery, so when I saw this top in Brandy Melville I felt like it was the sort of style I’d been looking for because I’m 100% not cool enough for just a plain white t-shirt. Brandy Melville only does ‘one size’ pieces which means on me it sits quite tight which I feel is needed with wide leg trousers and because of the high neckline of the t-shirt. The paper bag fit of the culottes also means it pulls me in at the waist so that I’m not drowned by them.

Last time I wore this outfit, it was with sandals, but now it is slowly getting colder (not really in London) I’ve swapped them out for my black converse. Although I love summer, I’m very ready for winter and to swap t-shirts for jumpers.

Until next time,

Maisie x

8 thoughts on “Cute but Psycho…

  1. Love it! Such a lovely look. And don’t apologise for wearing the same pieces! I love it, it’s more realistic and genuine and I looove seeing how you style those culottes! xx


    1. Thank you gorg 💗 I guess with fashion blogging you always feel pressure to have different outfits that are completely new but it’s so unrealistic, I don’t have the money or the wardrobe space for that! Plus if I like it, I will wear it! Xxx

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