The Unexpected Trip to Burberry Maker’s House…

The one day my hair, make-up and outfit looked crappy, is the day we get told at college that instead of class we are actually going to the Burberry Maker’s House Exhibition. Although it was just an exhibition and not the actual Burberry fashion show, everyone attending was dressed beautifully, many of them in Burberry trench coats, and we were greeted by Burberry male models, which made me wish even more that we were pre-warned so I could have at least washed my hair instead of dowsing it in dry shampoo.

Despite the fact I looked awful & it was the worst day to have an outfit/ hair/ makeup disaster, it was still an amazing exhibition so I wanted to share some of the photos I took because I think now it’s now finished.



The exhibition (I think) is to celebrate and share the British craftsmanship behind Burberry, the story behind the collection and then (my favourite part) the newest collection. We had the loveliest of tour guides to show us round, who took us round every single corner of the exhibition, and although he told us everything we could possibly want to know, it was very loud so I did struggle to hear everything he said so I’ll share with you what I was able to hear. It may not be the most accurate though…

Basically the new collection was inspired by a man who one day woke up as a woman (or something along those lines), so Burberry look inspiration in order to build a collection that combined masculine and feminine elements to create pieces that both sexes could wear. They also took inspiration for a print from the interior of her house as well as the garden such as creating a print by modernising curtain fabric and turning the garden design into a graphic print.


The exhibition took you through the journey of the collection from inspiration imagery, to drawings, to test pieces and how the old collection inspired the new, as well as craftsman doing demonstrations. Although I no longer do fashion design, it was really interesting to see that the process behind high end fashion, is not too much different the process behind things that I’ve designed and made in the past. (Obviously the final product is much, much better.)





The downstairs part of the house was interesting (there was also a very lovely looking cafe)  but the upstairs was my favourite by far because we got to see the collection. Unlike most exhibitions the collection was not behind glass or ropes, it was out in rows where we could touch it and see the details up close which was an amazing experience.

When I think Burberry I don’t really think of pattern apart from the classic check, which made the collection so much more amazing because it was not expected at all. I am a huge lover of pattern so I was completely amazed with every single print on display. I also loved the story behind this collection because you could really see the earlier inspiration within each piece. The part I was amazed and inspired by the most was the mix of masculinity and femininity to create pieces that could be worn by both genders. Normally I’m quite sceptical of that concept because all the other collections I’ve seen like this are really masculine, or just don’t look like a someone could really wear them, but this was different. Both genders shared classic style pieces, shirts, jacket ect, as well as print. When I say it seems like people are really able to wear the collection on both genders, of course the collection is very flamboyant and I’m very unlikely to actually see people wearing these pieces, nothing looked silly or wrong.

I’m actually really struggling to try and explain why I loved it or why it worked to be honest, so if you were unable to go to Maker’s House, my photos of the collection will hopefully help my words make sense!






We then queued for almost an hour to use the free Photo Booth despite the fact I looked grim, but for that reason, I’m choosing not to share it!

Until next time,

Maisie x


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