Casual College Shirt Days…

Since I began studying in London I’ve been trying to put a lot more into this blog & upload more regularly, which means whenever we aren’t super tired from the day, we’ve started to head into Soho to try and get some outfit photos. It’s still early days so I’ve still not got my posing down, I’m still slightly awkward about the fact people walk past and it is the end of the day which means myself and the outfit is not as polished as it was at 8am that morning.

This shirt has been a favourite of mine for a few months now, although at the start I was worried I would look more waitress than effortlessly cool, but since then I’ve worked out how to wear it (I think) from casual to a more smart look without channelling my inner waitress.




Shirt: H&M

Jeans: ASOS (Ripped by myself!) 

Jacket: Pull & Bear (Similar) 

Shoes: ASOS (I was unable to find anything similar on ASOS)

Choker: Miss Selfridge  (Similar)

Before I brought a choker I felt that I still looked very waitress like when wearing the shirt with jeans, I’ve have also worn this exact look with a bandana to dress it up even more slightly and I’m not sure why, but an added accessory on the neck just seems to take the shirt from waitress to effortlessly put together.

The leopard print shoes are similar to wearing a chocker by adding something extra to a plain and simple outfit. I am a massive pattern lover, always finding myself drawn to anything leopard print or floral (I’ve never worn them together as yet!) I feel like wearing a little bit of pattern, even just in your shoes, just says you’re confident and spent time putting your outfit together, even if you threw it on at 5am like I did with this outfit.

Until next time,

Maisie x

10 thoughts on “Casual College Shirt Days…

  1. I love the look of the leopard print shoes! I’m eyeing up a pair of leopard loafers on Topshop at the moment and this post is making me reaaaaally want to buy them now. It’s such a cool look xx


      1. Haha yes! No worries 🙂 Well, if you see a post about a pair of leopard print loafers on my blog soon, just know it’s your fault! My bank account doesn’t thank you lol xx


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