LFW- Malone Souliers Showcase…

Although I’ve only been at my new college a few weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to actually receive 2 invites to LFW this year but unfortunately I was only able to attend the one show! I never expected to actually be attending real London Fashion Week events due to me being pretty much a nobody, so as soon as the invite to the Malone Souliers showcase landed in my inbox I know I had to attend and started planning my outfit!



The event itself took place in Soho Square Gardens, effectively a public park in one of the busiest parts of London (a 2 minute walk off Oxford Street by the big glass Zara). To be honest we did feel a little bit out of place, we were 100% the youngest there and although we had no idea who anyone was everyone seemed to look like a ‘somebody’, even the handbag dogs looked more comfortable than us! Although I was feeling confident in my outfit & my hair hadn’t frizzed up, I was glad to be attending with Abi and Eden with me to save me from having to mingle with people who were super intimidating or stand there awkwardly alone.

The shoes were displayed on multicoloured podiums around the space, the shoes displayed in colour palettes or collections and were all beautiful. My personal favourites were all the shoes in the pink colour palette, although I don’t wear much pink, I always find myself drawn to (then Instagramming) all things pink! But the Navy stilettos with the silver strapping were the ones that I have been lusting on online for a few months now, they were even more beautiful in real life, we my favourite shoes there by far and if I had a few £100 to spend on shoes I would have been making a purchase on those. The jewel tone shoes were also gorgeous, but unfortunately not put against such a nice background to take a really good photo of.





The most unexpected part of this event was the virtual catwalk thingy they had instead of a ‘proper’ catwalk. It was a catwalk with one side walled with green screen, the other with benches with stuffed (not real) leopards sat on them. Although it wasn’t a tradition catwalk, the use of green screen meant there were TV screens displaying the model walking in real life, but they magically put them onto a real catwalk on the screen. It’s kind of hard to explain and took us a while to understand too, I guess we understood later when somehow me and Eden ended up walking the catwalk!


We actually had left the event to go and take outfit pics but decided to head back because it seemed something was going on and we were right because 5 minutes after we arrived somehow we agreed to put on a pair of their shoes and walk the runway as part of a competition they were running where if you took part you could win 40 pairs of their shoes. Normally I would be like no way that’s embarrassing, but I thought no one knows us here and I got to wear a pair of designer shoes whilst making a fool of myself so maybe that would make it worth it! I originally wanted flat shoes because the idea of walking in stilettos while people were watching me meant I was bound to end up flat on my face, but the models talked me into putting on a pair of heels that basically had no foot support. Although they gave me a size 4, they were about half a size too big, so I decided I needed Eden to walk to catwalk with me to hold my hand or I wouldn’t be able to walk, so that’s what we did. We got briefed on what we had to do and then we were off, we had to walk to the sticker at the end were we had to ‘work’ the shoes, then come half way up do a hair flick and then come off. It was awful, I hated every second, but we did get a cheer, although I doubt we will actually win 40 pairs of shoes…

Thinking about cake…

Only negative of the showcase for us was that there was no food. 😦 So myself and Abi headed off to get some cake from Cutter & Squidge in Soho, just down the road from fashion week, which I would 100% recommend going to, although of course it is quite pricey as it is London. We both had the London Fashion Week pink lemonade (seemed appropriate) and shared a piece of salted caramel cake with ice cream which, even between the 2 of us, we struggled to finish.

The pink fashion week wall pic…

I have actually written a completely separate post all about what I wore to the event which you can read here.

Until next time,

Maisie x

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