Living Life in Colour- Kate Spade Lovin’…

Although this post is about my love of my Kate Spade bag & purse I thought I’d begin with a quote from a sign that’s inside the Kate Spade shop in Bicester. I guess I’m kind of obsessed with it, so much so I’ve set it as the lock screen on my phone, it’s pink and the quote resinated with me. Although I’m not a quote kind of girl, I would very much like this in my future office. Another reason to love the Kate Spade brand? I think so.


I’ve had the bag I am about to talk about for a few months now, because it was an 18th birthday present from my parents and I am almost 19 now, but I am still loving it and it would not be right to not feature it on the blog.


The reason I loved this bag was because it was black which meant it went with all my shoes and outfits, which is important for a first designer bag because I wanted to wear it everyday and I have almost everyday since I got it! Then I found out while browsing the website that it was called the ‘Maise’, and although my name is actually spelt Maisie, it felt like fate to me! It’s also the perfect size, fitting all my essentials plus all the crap that seems to end up at the bottom of my bag eg. tissues and receipts, and despite all the crap I fill it with still keeps it’s slightly rounded shape.

Apart from all those other great features, the reason I decided to write this post and give my beaut little bag some lovin’ was because of it’s lining. When I first saw the hot pink lining of this bag I just loved it for the colour because it was pink and I’m a pink lover, little did I know back then that not only it looked amazing, it also meant it made it the world’s most practical bag. I don’t really know why more bag designers don’t use coloured linings because it makes finding things inside your bag 100000% easier, since I started studying in London, lugging with me a huge black lined bag carrying not only my standard crap but now notebooks and pens, I appreciate my beautiful little bags coloured lining. Trying to quickly find stuff in a huge black lined bag is a pain the bum especially in when you don’t want to be emptying your whole bag out for everyone to see such as on the tube or in central London in general. If only I had the money for a huge Kate Spade bag instead of that badly lined monster. 😦



My most recent Kate Spade love is this gorgeous pink card holder that I picked up the other day from Bicester Shopping Village. Although I can’t afford a nice big Kate Spade bag for college, I can afford a card holder for college instead! The reason I needed one was because I have been taking my quite large Ted Baker purse into London with me but I really don’t need it in there and it’s a hassle to to rummage through my bag for a huge purse and then try to fit it back in quickly. All I really need with me is my card, some ID and then my railcard so this holder is perfect for all my London needs. Although the style matches my bag in style it is for my college bag, so I decided to get it in hot pink instead of black so I can locate it easily in my bag but it still goes with my bag perfectly as it matches the lining.

I swear this wasn’t out of focus when I took it…

If you are looking to make a Kate Spade purchase but the bags are a little out of your price range just now, I would 100% recommend getting a card holder or purse from Bicester (or any other outlets), this card holder was originally £50 but I got it in Bicester for around £28, making it extremely affordable. Their bags are also quite reduced in the Bicester store but obviously still in the hundred mark so still quite pricey!


Until next time,

Maisie x

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