The Pink & Floral Wedding Dress…

This archive piece was actually my last piece I made for my fashion & clothing course and although it is technically not the best piece, its the piece I’m post proud of probably because, I MADE A WEDDING DRESS!!!

Ever since I started the fashion course I knew what I wanted to achieve with my wedding dress, starting to collect images months before we started and sketching out a few ideas every so often. When the unit began we had to choose a wedding dress theme, I am a huge fan of boho dresses so picked ‘etherial’ because that was the style most like the boho look I knew I wanted to achieve.


Image sources: Pinterest (Take a look at my full board here)

By this point my wedding Pinterest board had a few pins, but over wedding unit months it became my obsession and favourite board with now 238 pins to the point I could probably plan my own wedding in a month! Besides Pinterest, my main influences for my final piece are the wedding dress designers Grace Loves Lace and Belle and Bunty. If you are an avid pinner, you will probably be aware of the brand Grace Loves Lace, with one of their dresses being the most pinned wedding dress and their style being of course lace, which I didn’t actually use any of! Instead they influenced my in boho dress shape. Belle and Bunty, besides being Insta goals, (I would recommend, after reading this of course, heading over to insta for a stalk), inspired me through the use of blush colouring and simplistic silk gowns.



From these two brands I knew I wanted to made a simplistic dress with low front and back, with a silk overplayed skirt to create the etherial look in blush pink, but through exploring boho weddings I became interested in idea of florals not just in a crown, but on the wedding dress itself. So I began experimenting with watercolour flowers and printing them onto fabric using a heat-press with sublimation paper to create a pattern. Over my 2 years doing fashion design, I loved creating pattern and heat pressing it onto fabric and developed this throughout the course, so it was nice to get to show the skill I learnt and developed on my final piece. Unfortunately though, I don’t have any pictures of my initial or final design because my work is still at college until I collect it in October and I never took a photo. (Boo.)

DSC_0078 DSC_0056

My vision for the dress was that it was part of a collection called ‘The Meadow Collection’ and the wedding would take place in a meadow or field, with the bride wearing a flower crown and a bunch of wild flowers. With this in mind I made a flower crown, which was surprisingly easy to do actually but I would say you need 2 pairs of hands to hold the flowers in place and then tape it! The location was a meadow with woodland at Flitwick Manor and although it was a cold and misty morning, with my best friend and no.1 model Livvy having to wear a ski jacket in breaks, which didn’t fit with my summer wedding theme. Despite this and some slight editing, I’m extremely happy with how the dress and the photoshoot turned out, and was 100% my best one so far.



Once again, any feedback on my dress, styling or shoot would be much appreciated.


Until next time,

Maisie x

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