Date Night & Photo Fails..

‘Will you take a photo of my outfit for the blog tonight?’ I asked my boyfriend, Ben, in the morning of our planned date night. Did I end up with multiple photos of my outfit for a blog post? No. Instead I ended up with a few photos of the day but not even my food due to the fact that I forgot! But I wanted to write a post, so I am armed with very few photos and a crappy mirror selfie to write about my date night with my boyf and more importantly my outfit, because it should be appreciated right?

Top- Brandy Melville, Sunglasses- Accessorize, Hair- A mess! 

Although this post is mainly about the date night, we did head into Worcester in the day because I had to pick up some bits and pieces, as well as some lunch! When I say I had to pick something up, I had to go to Boots for some nipple covers because my outfit I was going to wear that night consisted of an unpadded bralet and although I’m all about free the nip and all that, wearing my bra out in public was a big enough step for me that night! After I had got my weird Eyelure nip covers, which were very expensive I might add, we headed to Coffee Dough for lunch where I had a lush and instagrammable pineapple smoothie, which I did not actually get a photo of apart from the one above despite that and a lush tomato and mozzarella toasty thingy.

A power nap and a standard hair drama later, we headed out to Zizzis for dinner. In all honesty, we went there because there was a voucher code for 25% off, we are poor students after all, and it meant we had 3 whole courses as well as 2 drinks!!! Wild, I know. As you can see from above dessert was my favourite part, I had a chocolate torte thing with my favourite thing in the world, (besides ben), ice-cream. Having my photo taken whilst eating and trying to look half decent, was not my favourite part, and this photo was the best of a very bad bunch!

Now for the 2 crappy outfit photos which this post was meant to be about. For a while now I’ve been loving bralets peaking out of tops but until the other day I’d not found one that had enough coverage to have an lace coming out of the top without basically just wearing that alone! But the other day I found what I was looking for in Victoria’s Secret where they actually had a deal on which meant they were all £20, and unlike a lot of other ones I looked at, came in sizes. I tried on one in black and burgundy, but fell in love with the burgundy colour especially for autumn/ winter. I picked up a low, dark grey cross over bodysuit, a huge pain the the arse to do up, from Toyshop to wear the bralet with because it showed just enough lace.

For a more casual look I would pair the top with skinny jeans, not mom jeans, which I originally tried it on with but it just didn’t look right, but for more of a dressy look for the evening I wore it with my new favourite culottes from Zara and because it was quite warm I wore my sandals from New Look- as demonstrated in the picture below, taken in my boyfriend’s tip of a room.

Apologies for the bad picture,  this was just one that I took to sent to my friend to confirm my outfit choice!

So that was it, my date night and photo fail, I promise these outfit posts will get better, I just won’t rely on my boyfriend being my photographer…

Until next time,

Maisie x

4 thoughts on “Date Night & Photo Fails..

  1. Was just scrolling through your blog because I bought some culottes from Zara and was wondering if they were the same ones as yours (I think they are btw lol) and noticed these photos!! This is Worcester, right? That’s where I’m from. I’m so freaked out by this coincidence right now.

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